Future Forward: The New Look of Fully Managed


By Joel Abramson

On September 29th, the entire Fully Managed team gathered for our annual Summit retreat. An important weekend for our organization, Summit provides an opportunity to spend time away from the office and the day to day commitments of ‘real’ life, and reflect together as a team, on the year we’ve had, while resetting and renewing the collective focus of our future goals.

This year’s Summit also marked our 15th Anniversary. As I looked around the room at the incredible and unique people that make up our organization, a team that has nearly doubled in size from the year before, it was reaffirmed that an evolution had taken place.

We’re still an IT company at heart, and we’re still 100% dedicated to Creating Peace of Mind for our clients, but we’ve become so much more.

Technology has taken hold of even the most traditional industry, and Fully Managed is proud to be a trusted partner in supporting all kinds of companies through their digital transformation. We’re working hand-in-hand with clients of various sizes in multiple industries to show them how technology can enable them to reach their business goals. One by one, we are leading the shift for our new and existing clients in transforming their businesses to a modern workplace.

As Fully Managed closes the first chapter of its story, I am excited to begin writing a new one.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling exciting changes to the Fully Managed brand. Starting with our incredible new logo and this beautiful new website, we encourage you to get to know the new Fully Managed.

Our evolved brand encapsulates everything that we have and strive to become. An Oracle that connects our collective expertise with our network of innovative partners, directly to the people who can harness those powers. A community of technicians that provides the best customer service in the world. An agent of transformation in a world where each day presents new opportunities.

I am proud to be at the helm of this growing company, leading a team of innovators as we evolve into a Future Forward IT company, ready to help clients face new challenges as technology continues to evolve our world and the ways in which we do business.

We’re excited for what lies ahead, and we can’t wait to share this next chapter in our story with you.


Joel Abramson
CEO Fully Managed