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Moving applications and data to the cloud helps modern organizations digitally transform how they operate - enabling cost savings, improved security, greater flexibility, and anywhere, anytime access to the data and systems that support business functions.

At Fully Managed, we are subject matter experts in both private and public cloud and are passionate about putting this knowledge to work for you. 

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

Fully Managed has a dedicated practice of Microsoft Azure experts who help businesses understand the advantages of migrating to the cloud and help them get there. Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable, powerful, on-demand cloud computing platform that enables companies to modernize how they operate and be better prepared for future business needs. 

The Azure platform helps organizations store and manage data, create complex web applications, improve cybersecurity and more. Azure consists of 60+ global datacenters and more than 660 products and services—
all designed to support modern business functions, and help them make better, data-driven decisions.

Let us be your guide through the digital transformation process and provide the expertise you need to reach your business goals.
Leave the complexities of monitoring and maintaining a costly physical server environment behind. You only pay for what you need and use.
Scalable, Flexible
Operate seamlessly and simply in hybrid environments. No matter your organization's size, scalable cloud solutions can grow and change to meet your needs.
Highly secure cloud foundation to protect your applications and data, support compliance, and provide security for your organization.
Future Ready
Continuous innovation from Microsoft supports what your business needs today and your vision for tomorrow.

FM Private Cloud

FM Cloud offers businesses affordable, secure, and easily scalable private cloud-based server hosting. Our certified experts can design a custom solution based on what you need today -- with scalability as you need it. With FM Cloud, you can feel confident that your data, will be secure, and available to you 24/7/365 from anywhere. Meet the demands of the modern workplace with a Fully Managed cloud solution.

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