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Helping senior care facilities with PointClickCare achieve effortless user account provisioning (UAP) automation.
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FMX Connect - PointClickCare is a pre-configured solution designed to automate UAP

Time-consuming and outdated manual processes around critical activities like user account provisioning (UAP), single sign-on (SSO), and password resets are roadblocks to greater efficiency, productivity, and security. 

FMX Connect is designed to help providers modernize and automate critical processes, saving time, budget, and boosting security efforts.

With the increasing push for communities to consider technology solutions, FMX Connect - PointClickCare is an easy-to-implement first step towards digital transformation, process improvement, and improved resource allocation.

PointClickCare integrated solution for automated UAP and SSO

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With FMX Connect you get:

Automated User Account Provisioning
With direct integration with PointClickCare, there are no extra steps in onboarding and offboarding, meaning easy, efficient setup of new user accounts. The platform's flexibility allows you to make account modifications on the fly, and gives you the ability to pre-set user account deactivation to manage short-term users like agency staff and surveyors. 
Improved security & peace of mind
Automated User Account Provisioning (UAP) paves the way for enhanced security measures that meet industry demands for heightened security protocols. With digitized, efficient UAP, FMX Connect also enables the implementation of secure single-sign-on (SSO) for PointClickCare users and creates a much-needed audit trail of records and transactions that support compliance.
Standardized processes, greater efficiency
Automation helps you create accurate, repeatable processes. FMX Connect helps you advance automation plans to include self-service password resets and establish new, improved procedures to support care teams and residents. Fully Managed can help you improve resource allocation and efficiency across multiple departments.

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