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Software Asset Management
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Hardware Asset Management
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2021 global enterprise software spend
Savings within the first year of implementing SAM
Global software waste (potential savings)

Software waste is a global business challenge

Software Asset Management

Elevate ITAM with the only single-platform solution to feed critical asset data to the business via digital workflows.

With Fully Managed and ServiceNow, mitigate risk with a single, real-time view across unlicensed deployments, license reclamation options, and actionable software positions by publisher.

Slash software and cloud spend by optimizing usage with reallocation workflows and rightsizing future purchases for on-premise and cloud-based services.

Automate the IT Lifecycle

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SAM Features

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Drive the Full IT Lifecycle
Proactively Workflow
End-to-End Coverage
Machine Learning Normalization
Bring Your Own License
Software Assets on Mobile
SaaS License Management Enhancements

With Fully Managed, ‚Äčtake control of your IT assets and get a unified view of all your known and unknown software, hardware, and cloud assets to optimize costs while reduce risk.

Get I.T. Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management

With Fully Managed and ServiceNow, you gain IT asset visibility. Normalize hardware model data to maintain a clean CMDB and centralize asset data for accurate management and insights.

Automate the IT lifecycle with out-of-the-box, prescriptive workflows based on standard industry practices, plan for asset refreshes, and disposals, and minimize wasted resources with actionable insights. Comply with established security policies and regulatory requirements.

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management provides end-to-end visibility, reduces the costs of your IT hardware assets, and automates the IT lifecycle on a single platform to drive efficiency. 

Manage, Plan, Operate, Service, and Retire IT all in the Same Place

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HAM Features

Hardware Asset Tasks
Asset Refresh Workflow
Loaner/Temporary Asset Workflow
Asset Lease Expiration/Return Workflow
Asset Inventory - Asset Kits/Bundles & Bulk Transfer
Mobile - Remote Asset Receiving & Scanning
Asset Lifecycle - Advanced Shipment Notifications
Asset Sourcing - Local Stock

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