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Solve issues before they occur with cross-team automation workflows.
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Traditional IT approaches are often reactive when problems occur. To achieve true digital transformation and to support modern business, organizations need to leave the break/fix model behind and move to intelligent and proactive IT. 

With Fully Managed and ServiceNow, IT has complete control over IT resources, both on‐premise and in the cloud. ITOM helps you break down silos, eliminate friction, improve process automation, and enable continuous improvement with the power of AI Ops and machine learning. 

Predict, Prevent, and Automate Across IT Operations

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Transform how IT teams work and gain insights that help you predict and prevent issues before they become problems.

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ITOM Features

Predict issues
ITOM collects and interprets telemetry data across your IT estate within a single system of record. Data includes IT infrastructure, cloud and complex container‐based resources, logs, metrics, and events. These capabilities allow you to predict 35% of incidents before they happen and focus on the actual problem.
Prevent issues
With ITOM, you can prevent some issues before they even happen. When problems do occur, ITOM helps minimize the impact to end users by solving issues faster. By correlating changes and incidents, you find the root cause more quickly and precisely. You can also leverage actionable insights to collaborate across teams in real time.
Automate cross‐team workflows
With ITOM, you gain actionable insights, allowing you to automate cross‐team workflows and empower staff by eliminating unnecessary manual processes and multiple handoffs. The knowledge base can significantly shorten recovery times and you can simplify repetitive tasks with pre‐built playbooks and no‐code/low‐code workflows. 


We've assembled a list of things to consider to Modernize and Automate your IT Service Management like a Pro. Check out our handy infograph for more information.

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