Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves


After months of planning, we’re excited to finally unveil the new look and logo for Fully Managed. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Fully Managed has been quietly growing and gathering strength, and now we’re ready to evolve our brand into one that will continue to grow with us for the next 15 years and beyond.

This journey of rebranding was neither linear nor smooth. As with any great change, it started with a simple question: “is our brand still relevant?”. After extensive internal and external workshopping, local and global industry research, and much self reflection, we inched our way forward in a mission of self discovery to understand what our brand represents in 2017, and going forward.

Another catalyst for change was our aging website, which although revolutionary in its time, like everything digital, had been surpassed by updates and changes handed down by Google and Microsoft, and needed a complete rebuild to catch up and stay innovative. We sought out professionals from around the world to assist in this process, and even hired a new (and our first ever) Director of Marketing in the process. The end result was an iterative, unique, and elevated process that lead us to what we’re releasing to the world today.

The look is sleek, the colour palette fresh, the typeface bold, but we’re still 100% dedicated to Creating Peace of Mind for our clients around the world.

At the center of our fresh look is the our shiny new icon. Take a look, what do you see? Do you see the F and the M? You might have missed it at first, but you’ll definitely see it now.

To us, this icon represents many things. Besides being an F and an M, the icon has 5 lines to represent our 5 Core Values—Inspiration, Service, Innovation, Accountability, Process—values that we hold very dear. They guide everything in our organization from who we hire to how we define our culture.

The icon is also designed to mimic the look of a server stack. Whether virtual or onsite, the server is the backbone of technology infrastructure. At Fully Managed, we couldn’t be more proud that our clients trust us to secure and manage more than 2,500 servers on their behalf, so it seemed natural to take inspiration from the almighty server.

Another cool feature that you might not have noticed, is that the lines look like two hands overlapping. Are they shaking hands, or holding hands? Either way, having an icon that represented how important our clients, and our relationships with them, are really spoke to us. Whether we’re shaking clients’ hands during a site visit, or holding their hands during a ransomware attack, delivering Peace of Mind means being there for our clients, 24/7.

Did we mention that this icon is multi-dimensional? Now it’s time for a science lesson.

Did you know that the hexagon is nature’s symbol of efficiency? Take a look at the honey bees. As the most efficient way to fill a space, hexagonal honeycombs require less wax to construct and contain incredible strength during compression.

When you entrust your IT to an external partner, don’t you want someone who is efficient with resources and strong under pressure? We thought so too.

We trust that you will enjoy our new brand as much as we do. We believe that our community will appreciate the depth of meaning that we attribute to it as well. It’s not only the face of our brand, but also must encapsulate our soul. We are proud of what we have accomplished together with all of our clients, partners, and community in our first 15 years. We’re eager to begin sharing our new look out across all of our channels, and encourage you to get to know the new Fully Managed as we innovate our way into the future.