Fully Managed Releases GrandCentral 4.0

March 23, 2021 – Ottawa, Canada – Fully Managed, a leader in digital business transformation and managed services, today announced the release of GrandCentral Managed 4.0 on the NOW Platform®, the latest version of its pre-configured, managed ServiceNow® workflow automation solution.  

GrandCentral Managed is designed for organizations looking to adopt the operational efficiencies of the Now Platform, while reducing the initial cost outlay and time-consuming configurations of a full enterprise ServiceNow deployment. With GrandCentral, any organization can see the benefits of Customer, Employee and IT workflow automation and scale easily to meet future needs.  

GrandCentral’s near turn-key implementation, gets you up and running quickly, provides real-time visibility into business processes and breaks down silos to improve process flow, enabling delivery of great customer service experiences. 

Version 4.0 introduces ServiceNow Professional licensing to both the Managed and Dedicated GrandCentral platform options.  Organizations can now utilize Predictive Intelligence to quickly resolve internal user and customer issues through ITSM Pro and CSM Pro modules. While users can extend their self-serve experience through native virtual assistant powered by AI to automate issue resolution.   

This latest version of the managed ServiceNow platform also enables full IT Asset Management with the addition of Software Asset Management and Hardware Asset Management capabilities. Automated discovery of all assets empowers organizations to maximize ROI of their assets through hardware standardization, software license management and end-to-end asset lifecycle management. 

GrandCentral Managed and GrandCentral Dedicated include the following features and modules: 

GrandCentral Managed 

GrandCentral Dedicated 

ServiceNow Standard and Professional Licensing 

ServiceNow Standard and Professional Licensing 

Multi-Tenant Platform 

Single-Tenant Platform 

Near-Turnkey Configuration  

Full Customization 

ITSM (IT Service Management) 

ITSM (IT Service Management) 

ITAM (IT Asset Management) 

ITAM (IT Asset Management) 

CSM (Customer Service Management) 

CSM (Customer Service Management) 

ITOM (IT Operations Management) 

ITOM (IT Operations Management) 

ITBM (IT Business Management) 

ITBM (IT Business Management) 


FSM (Field Services Management) 


HRSD (Human Resources Service Delivery) 

Feature Summary 

GrandCentral 4.0 includes more Predictive Intelligence functionality as well as introduces new asset management modules not previously available. The 4.0 release enhancements include: 

  • Predictive Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence to automate processes, cluster cases to detect patterns and address them collectively, and create resolution recommendations. 

  • Virtual Assistant: Enterprise chatbot solution in the that helps teams resolve common requests and issues immediately in a natural language experience without human agents. 

  • Continual Improvement: Performance Analytics to provide a structured framework that brings people, processes and data together in one place to automatically initiate and track service improvements over time. 

  • Service and Vendor Workspace: Workspace provides a single, unified view of all data related to a service portfolio, consolidated service information and SLA performance to deliver the best user and customer experience. 

  • Enhanced Asset Management: Enabling the ability to manage the end-to-end lifecycle and financial information for your IT portfolio. 

  • New modules! Software Asset Management (SAM) and Hardware Asset Management (HAM).   

  • New Change Success Score: Providing insights on performance, enabling better decision-making. 

  • CSM upgrades 

  • Improved, centralized agent workspaces: Enabling customer service agents to quickly isolate customer issues and provide more efficient service.  

  • New! CSM Playbooks: Step-by-step guidance to improve customer service case resolution. 

  • New! Guided Decisions feature: Structured troubleshooting process to help agents resolve complex cases faster. 

“We are excited about how GrandCentral 4.0 can help our customers and businesses everywhere improve how they work, by automating processes that lead to greater productivity, efficiency and enhanced customer service delivery,” said Rick Bowes, CTO with Fully Managed.  “The platform makes it easy to get on the path to workflow automation and stay on that path with administration, development and advisory expertise from the Fully Managed team of technical experts.” 

Fully Managed GrandCentral 4.0 offers businesses tiered options that meet today’s needs, that are also scalable and designed to grow as requirements shift.  

For more information on Fully Managed GrandCentral, visit our website.  

About Fully Managed 

ully Managed is a leader in digital business transformation and managed services.  As a ServiceNow Elite partner, we enable organizations to navigate and excel in the digital-first work world.  Our mission is Creating Peace of Mind through better IT, customer and employee experiences to make work flow! 

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