To ESM or not to ESM...

Many businesses are facing the dilemma of how to deliver better IT support to their customers. It’s not always a simple, straightforward task!

Many C-suite executives, VPs, and directors of small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) deal with ongoing challenges that uniquely affect the mid-market sector—i.e. companies with approximately 500-5,000 employees (though definitions may vary). The saying 'between a rock and a hard place' really does hold weight in the everyday realities of these decision-makers, as their questions tend to point them towards either extreme of the IT modernization spectrum.

Do we continue using spreadsheets or cheap tools that just don’t make the grade? Or, do we invest in a real Enterprise Service Management (ESM) technology?


Let’s get to the heart of the challenge: why mid-market organizations are avoiding a real ESM investment. We’ll use the best ESM platform in the world, ServiceNow®, as an example:

First, you need a lot of money to buy it;

Second, you’ll need 6-9 months to roll it out, and;

Third, you’ll need a team of highly-paid system admins to ensure that the processes are in-line with the business, both during and after the initial implementation.

Because of these requirements, mid-market companies may avoid modernization altogether. Generally, the core reasons for this are COST, COST, COST and not having processes mapped out.

As a result, ServiceNow® becomes mystified, viewed as a solution only the big enterprises on the block can afford. Only these companies have the bandwidth to nurture the platform’s full life cycle. So smaller enterprises turn away from the investment, thinking it’s not even worth contemplating. Or even worse, they might settle for the cheaper solution, only to find out later that it did not meet their organization’s needs and costed more money (and frustration) in the long-run.


As a small- to mid-sized enterprise in a world where technology is always growing, you leave the drawing board feeling like the ‘neglected middle child.'

On the one hand, it seems easier to keep the status quo on how you support customers or staff; to keep muddling through with what you’ve got, whether it works or not. Change is hard – we totally get it. And if the system’s not broken, why fix it?

On the other hand, organizations making the leap to a real ESM solution, like ServiceNow®, realize how critical having the right platform is to their business. When it comes to Asset, Change, and Incident Management, the efficiencies brought to the process pay for themselves (time is money after all). Without it, Continual Service Improvement—as they now know it—could not flourish.


At Fully Managed, we deliver a ServiceNow®-as-a-Service solution that makes TRUE ESM a reality for small- and medium-sized organizations. We call it GrandCentral, a turnkey platform bundled with benefits and instant ROI.

With GrandCentral, your business will get:
  • Enterprise-level ServiceNow®
  • Rapid deployment & time-to-value
  • Pre-configured services
  • A predictable monthly fee
  • Scalability
  • A full-time, dedicated ServiceNow® Administrator to support your platform throughout its course
To ESM or not to ESM? I think we just answered the question.

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