Fully Managed Introduces GrandCentral Senior Care

Sept 1, 2021 – Ottawa, Canada – Fully Managed, a leader in digital business transformation, managed services, and senior care technology solutions, today announced the launch of GrandCentral Senior Care (GCs), designed to help senior care facilities achieve much-needed workflow automation for critical processes.

Powered by ServiceNow®, GCs integrates directly with PointClickCare Technologies Inc., the leading cloud-based software and electronic health record vendor for the senior care market. The solution was developed to help senior care facilities modernize and automate critical processes that support efficiency and productivity. 

Based on the Fully Managed, GrandCentral Managed workflow automation solution, GCs includes added functionality to address challenges around automation of user account provisioning (UAP) and secure single sign-on (SSO). 

“Manual processes around user account setup are a particular pain point in the senior care sector,” said Mark Scott, CEO, Fully Managed. “With so much movement in the industry, as well as the number of temporary workers, there is a constant need for onboarding and offboarding users, at any time of day.  Providers need the flexibility and time savings that GrandCentral can provide. Manual processes just lead to delays that prevent efficiency and can cause security issues.”    

GCs deployment also helps pave the way for SSO and automation of password resets. Healthcare-related organizations are increasingly faced with the need to establish improved security protocols. GCs gives PointClickCare customers the ability to create more secure IT environments at their facilities with SSO and by addressing the widespread security gaps caused by not deactivating users properly.   

More detail about GCs can be found on the PointClickCare Marketplace, a portal designed to help customers evaluate technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with the PointClickCare platform. 

“Our Marketplace Partners provide world-class technology and share our deep commitment to ensuring our customers have access to the most powerful, efficient, and effective solutions,” said Chris Beekman, Marketplace director, PointClickCare. “We are excited that Fully Managed has become a Marketplace Partner that can help our clients better manage some of the complex account provisioning and single sign-on challenges of senior care.” 

GCs near turn-key implementation, gets senior care facilities up and running quickly, provides real-time visibility into key processes, and breaks down silos to improve process flow within organizations.

GCs feature summary:
•    Enables streamlined automation of user account provisioning 
•    PointClickCare integration
•    Paves way for deployment of SSO and automated password resets
•    Enhances security including audit trail record creation 
•    Provides an easy-to-use dashboard that offers full visibility into provisioning requests
•    Automates routing to IT support if process errors occur 
•    Offers customizable branding on a user-friendly dashboard 
•    Delivers a robust solution for organizational digital transformation via IT service management and more  
•    Is powered by leading workflow automation platform ServiceNow

For more information on Fully Managed GrandCentral Senior Care, visit our web site. 

About PointClickCare
With a suite of fully-integrated applications powered by cloud-based healthcare software, PointClickCare leads the way in helping care providers connect, collaborate, and share data within their network. Over 21,000 long-term and post-acute care providers and over 1,300 hospitals use PointClickCare today, making it the North American healthcare IT market leader for the senior care industry. For more information on PointClickCare’s software solutions, visit www.pointclickcare.com.

About Fully Managed
Fully Managed is a leading managed services provider specializing in digital business transformation.  As a ServiceNow Elite partner, we enable organizations to navigate and excel in the digital-first work world.  Our mission is Creating Peace of Mind through better IT, customer and employee experiences to make work flow!

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