Fully Managed Annual Summit 2016

At the end of each year at Fully Managed, we host an Annual Summit. This is a time when our entire team from both offices gets together for a weekend of workshopping, activities and celebration in which we reflect on the past year, celebrate our accomplishments, and plan and get energized for the future.

Summit 2016 had the distinction of having been the biggest Summit to date – and the first in which we've traveled outside of Vancouver to celebrate! We took the team to Whistler this year and had the opportunity to enjoy all that the natural beauty the area has to offer.

While some of us relaxed at the spa, the more adventurous team members set out on a treetop obstacle course. We explored the village, did some hiking, and capped it all off with an incredible helicopter tour for the recipients of our employee awards. We devoted a half day to planning and presentations, giving the whole team an opportunity to be in one room together and to connect with our leaders, discuss our future, and of course we found some time to socialize and enjoy some delicious food and drink.

We arrived back in Vancouver tired and happy, having all had an incredible weekend. We chose a new theme this year as we do every year, and after celebrating the results of last year's "Work Smart, Hustle Hard" Our CEO Joel had a surprise for us – a custom surfboard that now sits proudly in our office displaying 2017's new theme – "Becoming One".

Summit is an event we all look forward to and it really serves as a reminder of what an amazing group of individuals we have here at Fully Managed – especially when we don't all get the chance to work directly with each other every day. The time spent at Summit has left our team feeling unified, recharged and refreshed, and ready to make the next year even better!