What Is A Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A service level agreement (SLA) is intended to outline the level of service that a client can expect from a vendor. It pinpoints the specific metrics used to measure the service provided and agreed-upon solutions if those metrics are not fulfilled. SLAs are usually made between companies and external suppliers, but they can also be made within the same company between two different departments. 

In a managed IT partnership, a service level agreement is essential. Within this single document, every detail of information on contracted services between a company and an IT solutions provider is defined. Expectations, metrics, roles, and responsibilities are spelled out so that there is no confusion in the event of errors or issues with service. 

Your typical IT solution provider offering services such as remote or on-site IT support, service desk support or cybersecurity should already have a standard SLA that they work with, reflecting various levels of service and service delivery expectations. 

A service level agreement should be reviewed carefully to ensure that it protects your organization and delivers the kind of service you need to support your business. 

Key components of an SLA for IT services include:

  • Agreement Overview

  • Goals of the agreement

  • Points of contact for each party

  • Description of services provided

  • Excluded services

  • Security

  • Stakeholders of the agreement

  • Service performance metrics

  • Risk management and recovery plans

  • Tracking and reporting

  • Termination process

  • Indemnification clause

  • Review and change processes

Companies can think of their service level agreement as a contract that protects both their business and the IT services vendor they work with to ensure that they have a productive, seamless, and rewarding working experience together.

Fully Managed provides comprehensive SLAs for its Managed IT clients to ensure we reach service levels that contribute to the success of our customers. These days, every company is a technology company, but not all organizations use their technology to maximize business operations. The right IT partner will be able to guide your technology journey, improve your cybersecurity posture, maintain and monitor your IT, and take proactive steps to ensure your organization can focus on business matters.​

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