Customer Feature: Sagium and Kinsted

It’s that time of year again. Those of us who live through snowy winters know it’s Spring when it comes time to trade our winter tires for summer ones.  You may be fortunate to have learned this skill growing up, but when it comes to your car, quite often you will trust it to an expert. The same can be said about a lot of things in our daily lives.  We trust “the experts” to fix a roof, perform routine home maintenance, even make our dinners. In some cases, many of us wish we had trusted a specialist to get a job done properly.  

We recently connected with two specialists; our customers, Mike Grovue of Sagium and Adam Payne of Kinsted Wealth – two wealth management organizations that combine their efforts to provide clients with a holistic experience for financial planning and investment management. Both organizations pride themselves on being expert partners and focus on getting to know their clients and their unique goals. They strive to create relationships that enable them to deliver the guidance and services customers need to help them plan for the future and adapt to all of life’s changes.

Fully Managed is fortunate to be the IT provider for Sagium and Kinsted Wealth. They recognized the value in hiring an expert to support their goals and trusted the outsourcing of their IT and technology planning to the experts. We offer them what they offer their clients:  knowledgeable team members that work collectively to guide them to the right solutions that meet their evolving business needs. When it came to combining IT services for the organizations, Fully Managed was able to accommodate their desire for some overlap while still serving individual company needs. Our team of technology experts has provided them with the guidance and knowledge they needed to take on office moves, security improvements, pandemic-related challenges, and planning for today and tomorrow. When it comes to both financial planning and technology, it’s nice to have trusted advisors to guide your path forward.

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