Customer Feature: Calgary Meals on Wheels


Every day, it is seemingly easier to pinpoint the negative impacts of the global pandemic, and rightfully so as it has upended our routines and lifestyles. However, what has been interesting to observe are the industries that jumped right into action to deliver their service or product, knowing that what they had to offer would support or help others during this time. The ‘at home’ fitness industry, grocery stores, delivery services, online digital platforms, toilet paper companies....this one is a joke, but in all seriousness, there are industries that have found success during a period of time when that isn’t always easy to do so. Calgary Meals on Wheels is one such industry, a not-for-profit organization established in 1965, that promotes health and independence by providing quality, nutritious and affordable meals, delivered directly to your door. We recently chatted with them to get some insight into what changes and shifts they have had to make to accommodate the demands of the global pandemic.  

While we all shifted to work from home, Calgary Meals on Wheels saw a dramatic and sudden increase in need for their services both from individuals as well as their partnering agencies. In typical not-for-profit fashion, they immediately placed their focus on how they could best help those in their community that have and continue to be affected by COVID-19. In response to the demand they amped up their operations and, for the first time ever, they were able to hire another full production team. They have also launched relief initiatives, in an effort to support ALL Calgarians affected by the pandemic. (Can I get a HECK YES?!?) These initiatives include a 50% discount on their My Choice Menu for those affected by the current state of emergency, a 30% discount on their Chef’s Daily Menu for all current and new clients as well as partnering with the Calgary Food Bank through their Weekends and More Program as they support the nutritional needs of students and their families.  

As the managed service provider for Meals on Wheels, we are proud to support them in their operations, in the past, now, and in the future. Despite the challenges that all industries are facing right now, we maintained our high standard of service and provided top-notch customer experiences. For Meals on Wheels, we have ensured that their technology runs smoothly and were quick to respond when they had to transition some of their team to work from home, something completely new to them.  

It’s very easy to focus on the bad and the “What now?” but, as a community, if we start focusing on what we can all do to support each other and adapt to changing times, we are more likely to thrive as a result. Relationships, community and togetherness is the one thing a pandemic, natural disaster or catastrophic event cannot touch. And we won’t let it, ultimately, it is up to us to adapt and thrive!