How RSA Can Bridge ServiceNow Knowledge Gaps

In a competitive business environment, finding and retaining affordable and talented ServiceNow professionals can be a constant struggle. This becomes even more of a challenge as you continue to add additional ServiceNow modules.  Losing the capability of even a single person who has helped develop and maintain your company’s digital workflows can be difficult to overcome, as someone new must be trained and tested on the platform. 

But there’s a better way to handle your ServiceNow knowledge gaps, and get around the difficulty and costs of staffing good technical support. It’s the Remote ServiceNow Administration (RSA) program, and it’s an all-in-one solution for your ServiceNow staffing requirements. 

As you may already know, ServiceNow is an innovator and industry leader in making work flow, providing businesses with customizable, automated workflows for customers, employees, and IT – and they’ve got the reputation to back it up. Running this kind of software requires highly skilled staff who can support it, but there is often not enough work involved to justify a full-time employee.  In addition, the configuration and maturing multiple ServiceNow solutions can draw on the skill sets of multiple people, meaning that several might be involved just to keep the programs running – and then, if any of those skilled resources leave, it can be a logistical headache to keep everything going smoothly in their absence. That’s where Remote ServiceNow Administration comes in. 

RSA is an outsourced and co-sourced solution for companies that need accessible and skilled digital support, but don’t want the added costs of more employees. Rather than having one or even several full-time employees and struggling with the loaded costs involved (benefits, payroll, equipment, training, and so on), organizations can have immediate and on-demand global access to a diverse team of increased bench strength, all in one place. You only use their expertise when it is needed, on a more efficient part-time basis. 

Our ever-growing and certified RSA team provides business analysts, architects, developers and administrators, only when you need them, across the ServiceNow platform and suite of applications.  This means that any RSA client gets all of the technical skills they might require, without needing any of them on staff – saving money in the long run. 

Filling the Knowledge Gap 

It might seem easier to simply train someone in-house to master the custom ServiceNow software you already have in place. That might work as a short-term solution, but even in those cases, organizations often run into further issues down the line.  

These issues come down to a greater demand than can be solved with available resources – and at some point, you must address this knowledge gap.  Think of a lack of scalability to accommodate growth, a sudden loss of reliable service relationships, or unexpected busy stretches that result in overwork, stress, and the emphasized need for automated processes. Would it be quicker to hire, test, and train new employees in a reactive approach? Or to be proactive and reach out to your single point of contact at RSA for immediate increased support?  

With plenty of solutions to match the modern workplace, RSA can keep your operations flowing smoothly, even if your team is entirely remote – and it can save money and boost productivity while doing it. If you’re ready to work with one of the world’s most innovative digital workflow builders and take your business to the next level, just let us know and we’ll get started! 

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