Customer Feature: PBA Group

The demands that COVID-19 created on our digital world are numerous, and goes without saying, a defining moment for a lot of organizations.  Furthermore, relationships with customers, vendors and service providers were put to the ultimate test- defining their ability to step-up, perform and support each other. At Fully Managed, our customers come first and in order to be sure we are providing the best possible service-  we rely on them. Let us explain. The ultimate success measure, for us, is our client’s happiness and in order to fulfill this, they must be willing to provide us feedback. In turn we must be open to hearing them to remedy any problem they may be having.  For every one of our clients, we want to ensure they are working in a safe and secure way and we are sure to lay out the standardized framework and suggested technology for all our clients, before disaster strikes. By being completely transparent with our customers, we can establish and develop the trust to better guide them to the best solution. PBA Group is one organization we are fortunate to have such a relationship with. From the beginning, they have communicated their expectations and as such, we have been able to ensure the best possible service delivery. With the global pandemic, we were able to quickly mobilize their team to work from home and ensure they had a safe and secure way to do so.

PBA Group has impressed us with the efforts they have made to improve their business and support their staff the past few months. Like most, PBA quickly adopted a work from home life, with the support of Fully Managed and the strong relationship between our Technical Account Manager, Andrew, and PBA’s, Administrative Angel, or “Coordinator”-if you want to get professional, Rhonda Nicholls. If it was not for their communication and dedication to support the PBA team, working remotely would have been less achievable. In addition to innovating their services to better support their clients, the CEO of PBA Group, Patricia Phillips, introduced an application to further the support of their team and tenants called Headversity. This convenient platform helps its user develop resiliency techniques and skills through personalized tools and content designed for each individual, tailoring their training to their specific mental health needs. At Fully Managed, we applaud the CEOs that are supporting the mental health of their community.

We take pride in not only being your IT provider but your trusted advisor. We understand that the last few months have created a unique experience for each of our customers. It is our hope that we can continue to create peace of mind, when it comes to your technology and how it works, so you can better focus on your business.