How Higher Educational Institutions are Succeeding with ServiceNow

Educational institutions are facing a unique time in which they are expected to balance limited budgets and meet the ever-increasing demands for innovation and security. This challenge is compounded by the threat of organizational disruption and a shift in demographics. ServiceNow digital solutions connect dated technology systems, modernize employee and student experiences, and create long-term resiliency to resolve this common problem in the education industry. This digital transformation offers educational institutions the chance to enhance the experience of students, faculty, and staff with robust workflow automation solutions. Here are three ways in which higher educational institutions are succeeding with ServiceNow: 

Improved Student Experiences: From prospective students to mature students, todays' student wants a seamless educational experience made accessible, easy-to-use, and trustworthy with technology solutions. A single, centralized knowledge management system empowers students to find more answers independently, reducing frustration. Other digital solutions give contact center staff a single source of truth to resolve issues faster. ServiceNow tools further enhance the overall student experience by: 
  • Automating, personalizing, and tracking the entire life cycle of application processes.
  • Connecting and integrating multiple departments to provide accessible information. 
  • Automating onboarding activities such as virtual meetings to set up student's IDs.
  • Expediting requests for records and transcripts. 
  • Offering and develop digital learning environments. 
  • Self-Service and Virtual chatbots provide improved services for students and faculty, leading to reduced tickets and improvements in incident response times.

Empowered Faculty and Staff: Educational institutions are reaping the benefits of digital transformation strategies and systems extending beyond students' reach. Empowering and integrating staff into technology modernization plans has made remote teaching possible and supported staff on their career journeys. Workflow automation tools aid with grant and research organization, streamline faculty paperwork and automate commonplace requests such as payroll and benefits. 

Protected Campuses: Cybersecurity threats are real, and with ServiceNow, educational institutions can implement risk management and compliance practices with digital workflows that protect people, data, and communities. Increased transparency across entire campuses, reduced incident response times, and contract tracing are just some of the ways digital transformation can reduce and resolve data, IT, health, and cybersecurity threats.

By providing support services, encouraging digital transformation, and taking care of all aspects of IT service management, the ServiceNow platform enables students and staff to benefit from a seamless, stress-free learning experience – whether at home or virtually. Is your organization seeking to maximize the power of ServiceNow? At Fully Managed, our team of ServiceNow experts can help with:​
  • Implementation - to get you started on the right path with workflow automation;
  • Administration - to operate and support the platform;​
  • Transformation - to transform and enhance functionality and align business goals with transformational roadmaps.

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