Digital Transformation in the Energy and Utilities Sector

Faced with strict industry regulations, increasing competition, and disjointed internal processes, energy and utility companies require connected technology operations to succeed in today’s economy. Despite the call for a digital transformation strategy across stakeholder communities, there remains a gap in technology tools, expertise, and systems to adapt accordingly. Energy and utility companies need to find safe, effective, and financially savvy solutions to transform service delivery. Some of the primary challenges facing the Energy and Utilities Industry today include: 

  • Simultaneous demands for lowered utility rates despite ever-increasing energy exploration costs.

  • Stricter industry regulations as the expectation for IT digital transformation and automation increases.

  • Customer demands for efficient, effective, and flexible technology experiences. 

  • Outdated and/or incompatible technology systems.

To overcome these common challenges and provide customers with a secure modernized technology system, energy and utility companies turn to the ServiceNow workflow automation platform. This platform helps build resilience, improve operations, and enhance employee and customer experiences while ensuring excellence in compliance and security. Here are four ways that ServiceNow automation is changing the digital face of energy and utility companies. 

Creates Resilient Operations: Legacy systems that are outdated and siloed can be digitally connected, analyzed and visible in real-time. A digital transformation strategy that integrates machine learning, AI, and custom-built applications can enhance internal processes today and in the future. 

Protects and Secures Operations: Organizations facing cybersecurity threats, compliance requirements and ever-changing industry regulations need IT digital transformation. A solid technology strategy can help companies access tools that provide integrated monitoring, reports, alerts, dashboards, and automated communications. 

Satisfies and Retains Customers: Customers demand and deserve modern, efficient, and trustworthy technology experiences. These needs can be met with automated workflows, proactive customer care, and digital workspaces. 

Celebrates and Connects Employees: Employee experiences can be transformed with operational technology that optimizes HR processes and knowledge sharing capabilities while increasing productivity. 

The ServiceNow Now Platform helps companies meet internal needs while simultaneously making their clients’ user journeys streamlined and straightforward. Dynamic, flexible, integrated, and adaptable operational technology is transforming energy and utility services delivery. As a result of knowledge sharing, employee efficiency and automated workflows, companies in the energy and utility sector are gaining resilience in an increasingly competitive market. 

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