Customer Feature: CSS Office Solutions


“Work from home” or “living at work”?

In the spring of 2020, there was a huge shift of today’s modern workforce to a remote work model, due the effects of COVID-19. If you tried to purchase a webcam or monitor in the month of March, you probably found that you would have had to sell an organ just to afford one. This is one of the cases where it shows that the effects the pandemic had on some industries were not all necessarily the unfortunate circumstances we have seen and heard about. Organizations, such as our client CSS Office Solutions, in fact had to shift and re-vamp their focus due to an influx of business as a result of the pandemic. Being in the moving and office furniture sector, CSS was deemed an essential service and they had to work quickly and safely to mobilize their team to support the numerous requests to facilitate their customer’s transitions to home.

This new way of working required leaders to reflect on their current practices and develop a set of standards and policies. Not only is it their responsibility to ensure their staff can work safely and securely online (this is where Fully Managed comes in) but they also have a responsibility to ensure their staff have the appropriate tools and resources to do so. For some organizations, this required providing their team with the appropriate equipment to do their jobs at home.

This is where CSS comes in; mobilizing their moving services to help their customers deliver their “offices” to their team’s homes, up to and including, providing plexi-glass panels for those organizations deemed essential; Doing their part to support the Calgary community, no stranger to a downturn in the economy.

As we venture further into 2020, the work from home concept is becoming a larger conversation. With Canada being in various states of re-opening, many CEO’s are weighing the options of allowing their staff to continue to work from home vs going back to a traditional model. Companies such as Twitter, Zoom, and Slack have allowed their staff to work from home indefinitely. This new approach to our work model is going to innovate how we do everything and organizations like CSS, perhaps, will see an upturn in the home office model and our traditional offices will transform into more collaborative environments.

There are many factors to consider when adopting a more flexible work model. Ensuring your team can work safe and secure is first and foremost, but as we drift further away from traditional work practices there are even more things that we will have to navigate. Digital transformation means that we as users get to inspire how our technology works for us and how it interacts with our workspaces; evolving our workspaces and how organizations like ourselves and our client, CSS Office Solutions, support their customers.