Customer Feature: Communo

If you’ve been on social media recently, you may have heard of “Some Good News”, by John Krasinski (If you haven’t, we highly recommend you check it out here). But, did you know that the organization responsible for bringing the talented, creative, and beautiful minds together, is none other than Calgary born, Fully Managed Customer, Communo

Communo is changing the way organizations work, collaborate, and achieve goals through a combination of co-working spaces and an expansive online member community that has access to vetted deals and contracts seeking talent but is also committed to supporting each other's businesses and endeavors. Changing how organizations seek talent and complete projects. We had the opportunity to connect with Chris Kneeland, one of the Co-founders and COO of Communo, and gained some insight into what the last few months have been like for them. He noted that COVID-19 really “accelerated the trends that our platform was built for, a contingent workforce, and it has been a creative refugee camp, so to speak- creative talent have really flocked to our platform, by the thousands.” He goes on to reiterate the sadness and hardship that this global pandemic has imposed on our society but is “thrilled by the open-mindedness of people now thinking differently about how and where they work.” 

The emotions most felt when viewing the SGN episodes throughout those initial lockdown months were truly uplifting, inspirational and, dare I say, cry-worthy? However, what you may not be aware of is the tireless man hours and creative process that had to come together to create those episodes, all while in the comfort of their own homes. The various at home concerts, Tik-Tok videos, collaborations, and content that had to be created, researched, and viewed throughout the week to craft the glorious, almost in a way, re-cap episodes were brought together by many talented people- and Communo was the platform that formed these relationships. 

This is not unlike the experience our team here at Fully Managed has undergone. The man hours that went on behind the scene during those initial days and weeks to get our customers safely and securely working from home are not always seen by the users. However, being able to play a role in the success of your business is the only gratitude we need for a job well done.