GrandCentral is going to Madrid with ServiceNow!

Back in January, ServiceNow introduced the Madrid release of its industry-leading enterprise service management (ESM) platform. With this upgrade came significant enhancements to the day-to-day performance of Service Desk Agents, as the advanced features have enabled greater workflow efficiency, and in turn, better customer service delivery.  
Fully Managed has successfully integrated key tools from the Madrid release into GrandCentral – our turnkey, mid-market-tailored version of ServiceNow’s platform. Our GrandCentral customers can now enjoy the productivity gains afforded by the addition of two new features: 
  • Interaction Management 
  • Agent Workspace 
Both features have been rolled-out across GrandCentral’s IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Service Management (CSM) modules as part of our clients’ ongoing upgrade and maintenance portfolio.  


Interactions represent a request for assistance through a given channel. Agents use Interactions to record requests from different channels, such as walk-ups, conversations, or phone calls. With Interactions, you can: 
  • Assign Interactions to specific users 
  • Associate an Interaction with an existing record 
  • Follow the Interaction history 

“How many water cooler chats does it take to turn on a light bulb? Interactions provide an easy way to track your activities across all records in GrandCentral!”  – Gregory Bushell, Technology Operations Manager  

Agent Workspace enables Service Desk Agents to efficiently work on multiple concurrent issues within an optimized multi-tab layout and information at their fingertips, including: 
  • Lists – Records are grouped into Lists by key features, including SLA and record type 
  • Tabs – Navigate between records with tabs and easily maintain context with child tabs 
  • Forms – Agents interact with Forms to record their Work Notes 
  • Agent Assist – Provides solutions relevant to a specific case or incident for faster resolution using existing records and the Knowledge Base application 
  • Global Search – Allows an Agent to perform a contextual search within the entire Agent Workspace, making it easier to locate information 
  • Activity Stream – Provide live activity information for the active record whose form you are viewing 

“With the new Agent Workspace feature, being a Tier 1 specialist is now so much easier. Tabbed interface allowing multiple tickets to be open on-screen gives you the agility you need to juggle your tasks without dropping the ball.”   – Donald MacFadzen-Reid, Enterprise Sales Engineer  

Upgrades like this will be performed in accordance with ServiceNow platform releases on an ongoing basis. For more information or to request a demo, please visit GrandCentral.