Meet Our Team: Ron Stewart

Meet Ron Stewart, our Account Manager, and one of the most outgoing people in the office.
Describe yourself in three words.
Reliable, Attentive, Friendly.
When did you start at Fully Managed?
September 5, 2017.
What is your role at Fully Managed?
As an Account Manager, my role is two-fold. I manage the relationship with my clients to ensure satisfaction with our services; and I advise my clients strategically so they can leverage technology to better meet their business needs.
In 3-5 sentences, describe your day-to-day responsibilities at Fully Managed.
Every day is an adventure, filled with a variety of activities! A typical day can include things such as face-to-face meetings with clients, scoping out potential solutions and projects with our Advanced Solutions team, escalating issues and clarifying procedures with Client Support, working with Procurement to get our customers the best deals on the best technology… I do anything and everything I can to give my clients the Peace of Mind they need regarding their IT so they can focus on their business.
What is your favourite thing about working at FM?
Of all the places I’ve worked, Fully Managed has the most engaged and focused environment. It’s like working with a team of laser beams.
What is your proudest moment so far at FM?
It’s almost too early to say, but so far, I’ve had several initial meetings where the client has at first seemed reserved about having a new Account Manager, but by the end of that meeting they were expressing genuine eagerness regarding the prospect of working with me.
When you’re not at work, what are you doing?
I love to cook (probably because I love to eat). For some people cooking dinner is drudgery, for me it’s how I relax after a busy day. I also bake. My specialty is homemade pizza, with the dough made from scratch and cooked on a baking stone to emulate a wood-fire oven (I swear I’ll have one of those, one day…).
What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in joining our team?
At the end of the day, no matter what your role, it’s really all about communication. (Of course, since I was, once upon a time, a high school English teacher I may be slightly biased about that…).
What is one piece of advice you would go back in time and give your younger self?
A full head of hair is not as important to women as you think it is.
What takes up too much of your time?
Getting from point A to point B. Vancouver traffic is getting as insane as its real estate.