Customer Feature: Tricon Solutions

At Fully Managed, our core mission is “Creating Peace of Mind”; typically when it relates to your technology, but ultimately, overall for you and your customers. By supporting your infrastructure so you don’t have to and being there when you need support, we strive to empower our customers through the use of their technology. We recently connected with our customer, Tricon Solutions, after they made the quick and seamless transition to work from home, to gain a better understanding of how their business was affected by the current pandemic. Read more from our conversation with Tricon.

Tricon Solutions has been providing leading edge, cost effective and non-technical solutions to their clients in Canada since 2005. They are a premier consulting company that specializes in project management solutions, organization changes and business transformations. Similar to Fully Managed, when you hire Tricon, you get a whole team of specialized experts with proven methodologies and innovative thinking. Over the last few months, the team at Tricon has really innovated how they have worked. They immediately transitioned all meetings to the virtual world- with the use of MS Teams (YES!) and engaged in daily and weekly team check ins that not only focused on work status but on the overall health and well-being of their team members. Through the use of MS Teams, they found that their “workplace” interactions increased and, in fact, their Business Development team saw an increase of people willing to meet virtually as their schedules were more able to accommodate these types of meetings!

The effects of this pandemic allowed the team at Tricon to take a step back and evaluate their services through “a new lens” and decided to join this new virtual world by introducing a Virtual Project Management Office offering- which had been in development for quite some time but felt timely with the increased “work from anywhere” mentality. Also allowing them to leverage more talent from around the world to provide an even higher quality of service.

The disruption the global pandemic has had on our corporate economy is without a doubt one of the biggest we have seen in years. However, the creativity, innovation and collaboration that has come from COVID-19 is something I don’t think any of us could have predicted. Digital Transformation, while it may not look the same and it can take some extra effort from those involved, we are challenging and leveraging the technology we have for a new- dare we say, better way of working!