Customer Feature: Bluestone

We know that Canada is a diverse and beautiful country and the same can also be said about it's corporate culture. Depending on where you are and who you talk to, you can gain knowledge about the various different sectors and industries that make up our corporate landscape, and we encourage you to ask these questions. At Fully Managed, we are fortunate that we do not focus our services on any one particular industry and we believe this makes us better at providing the optimal service for your business. We recently chatted with our customer, Bluestone Resources, to learn more about their unique operation, natural resource mining in Guatemala. Read the blog from our conversation.

Founded by John Robins, current Chair of the Bluestone Board of Directors, Bluestone Resources started its venture into Guatemala with a focus on “advancing the permitted, high-grade Cerro Blanco gold project located in southeastern Guatemala; and the Mita Geothermal project, which is an advanced-stage renewable energy project, licensed to produce up to 50 megawatts of power.” Bluestone has a team of about 10 experts that reside in Vancouver, but with the heart of their operation being in Guatemala, they rely on the citizens of Guatemala to provide them with the “boots on the ground.” We spoke to Peter Hemstead, the Chief Financial Officer and Penny Johnson, Corporate Secretary for Bluestone Resources and we were humbled to get their perspective on their project, commenting that “the resource is the property of Guatemala and its citizens...we are simply bringing in the experts to partner with them to extract these resources.”

This is something we at Fully Managed resonate with; we provide the expertise and knowledge for our customers’ diverse businesses and operations, creating the peace of mind that your technology works when you need it to. We are presented with different challenges and infrastructures with every client we interact with but our dedication to the relationship and providing a service that just works, still being the ultimate goal. This sentiment was echoed when we asked Peter and Penny to comment on our work for them to date; Bluestone has a “small presence in Vancouver, but a large presence in Guatemala. While this may be a unique situation for Fully Managed, they have stepped up to the challenge to come up with a solution that is really a win/win scenario for Bluestone Resources and a support to our IT Staff in Guatemala.”

Many organizations are already on the forefront of this digital movement, having to accommodate their business practices and operations to support a virtual environment. Bluestone Resources is one such organization, having to leverage and utilize the tools that promote virtual interactions to better support their Guatemalan counterparts. While we may not all have a direct need for all of the digital transformations available out there, why not take the time to start using them and experimenting with how they can support your business? Food for thought.