Coping Today, Preparing for Tomorrow in Senior Care

Recently we hosted a webinar with our friends at Cliniconex and Richter to review some “Pandemic Lessons Learned” over the past few months, as well as to share some best practice recommendations going forward.

Senior care facilities everywhere are grappling with unprecedented challenges and are looking for ways to do many things at once:
  1. satisfy increasingly stringent infection control protocols,
  2. implement new processes to meet pandemic-related recommendations and regulations, and
  3. safely ease restrictions, re-open to visitors, and get seniors that much-needed personal interaction with loved ones.
And of course, do all this while continuing to deliver care and services.

Technology & Innovation – Coping with Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

In May, NIC founder Bob Kramer said: “There will come a time when we will see the pandemic in the rearview mirror. There will not come a time when we will return to the old normal.” He also emphasized the importance of technology and innovation as a differentiator for the future success of the senior care sector.

COVID-19 has highlighted some technology deficits in the industry, but has also presented opportunities where innovation can help – in skilled nursing and senior living.

Screening, Exposure Management & Infection Control

  • Do you have a screening plan in place for staff and visitors? How can technology like thermal camera systems and tracing apps provide critical information faster, help reduce exposure and make your facility safer?
  • Are you prepared for surveys/audit? The right technology can make reporting easier and assist with exposure management if an outbreak occurs.
  • Are your mobile devices helping or hindering infection control?

Resident Care & Services

  • Teams are challenged with new stresses and heavy workloads – how can the right technology boost efficiency and reduce manual tasks?
  • Is your infrastructure ready to support innovative tools and resident services?


  • The pandemic made communication even more critical. Are you prepared to provide fast, proactive communication to families?
  • Are you equipped to enable easy, virtual communication between residents and families? 


  • Renewed interest in telehealth was prompted by COVID-19 challenges. Do you know where to start?
  • Can you make telehealth options a reality for your residents?

Modern Workplace

  • The pandemic created a need for increased flexibility and often, a partially remote workforce. Does your organization have basic tools that enable safe remote systems access and collaboration?
  • Are you confident that network security has been maintained with some team members at home?
The right technology choices can help with all of these areas, equip your team to better handle today’s challenges and prepare for a tomorrow that better serves the interests of organizations and residents alike.

Fully Managed can help guide you to technology options that can help your senior care community:
  • Make best-practice decisions around government funding and reimbursements
  • Automate screening processes and boost infection control practices
  • Prepare for innovative approaches like telehealth and improved communications
  • Find time savings and streamline manual processes
  • Ensure you are continuing to operate with data security as a priority 
Need help making technology decisions that work for you and your residents? Don’t hesitate to contact Fully Managed for help!