Customer Feature: Calgary Career Counselling


It’s a weird world we are living in today, and it was hard not to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed even before physical distancing and isolation had become a part of our daily lives. We all deeply feel the effects of COVID-19, and we at Fully Managed are striving to empower our clients during this time and create peace of mind as best we can. While working from home is great in theory, it isn’t an easy transition for many organizations. Additionally, when some are doing all they can to get by, investment into leadership, culture, and growth are sometimes put in a back seat. 

Led by Dr. Laura Hambley, Calgary Career Counselling (CCC)Synthesis Psychology, and Work EvOHlution are psychology practices here in Calgary that are committed to the development of today’s leaders and employees, fostering and nurturing corporate cultures, and dedicated to creating a supportive environment to facilitate this work. As you can imagine, concepts not at the forefront of an organization’s mind…. and budget.

However, why not now? More than ever we are being forced out of our comforts, routines, safe places, and collaborative environments. If this is to be our future for the next little while, should this people and culture-focused work stop?

We at Fully Managed certainly hope not. We worked closely with Dr. Laura and her teams to migrate them safely and securely to their at home work environments and were quick to respond and adjust to accommodate their business changes during this time. For those such as CCC and Work EvOHlution that are striving to keep their businesses in operation, it has required adjustment and innovation. They have developed an online platform to offer remote sessions to their clients. Work EvOHlution, through their focus on remote leader and team success for the past 6 years, have specific resources for leaders and teams to adjust to working remotely. These assessments and training can really help organizations during times like this to adjust to all the changes that come with working from home.

We are all in this together, and if we hope to come out stronger than when we went in, it will require fine tuning, innovation, possibly learning a new tech skill, and most importantly, kindness and empathy to one another. At Fully Managed, we owe our success to each and every team member who supports our clients and customers. Like our clients, CCC, Synthesis Psychology, and Work EvOHlution, we are aiming to create peace of mind, even when the global climate is giving us every excuse not to move forward.