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Proper Technology Planning, Infrastructure, and support

Your job is to deliver the best quality care and a provide a safe, comfortable environment for your senior care community. Our job is to help you with the technology decisions that make all that possible. With decades of experience, Fully Managed is the market-leading provider of complete technology solutions for senior care communities:
  • 24/7 IT help desk support and managed IT services
  • proactive cybersecurity
  • wireless solutions
  • a full range of hardware/mobile devices
  • technology assessments
  • strategy and expert guidance

  • Secure Devices, Data & Networks

    Now more than ever, to operate effectively you need technology that supports the delivery of care and services you provide to residents. Across that technology, you must ensure data security and privacy of protected health information (PHI). 

    Fully Managed’s longstanding experience in senior care coupled with deep technical knowledge means we understand the need for security across all aspects of the care continuum. We can help you:  

    • identify and resolve security gaps,  
    • ​manage mobile devices to ensure safe data gathering 
    • implement best practice technology solutions that enable care teams to safely work better and smarter, and  
    • provide proactive, managed IT services to keep data and networks secure over the long term.  


    Solid Wi-Fi

    The backbone of technology and mobile deployments, your wireless network has a lot riding on it. Fully Managed can help you get the solid, secure, reliable Wi-Fi you need. Requirements for efficiency and growing resident expectations all point to needing a solid wireless plan. Since most senior care facilities have a lot of intricacies, coverage and performance issues are common. Fully Managed can help you define your wireless strategy, plan your implementation, roll it out, and support the mobility your team needs to better serve residents.


    Supported Users 24/7

    Fully Managed offers a range of personalized helpdesk support options to meet your needs. Our senior care solutions offer you 24/7 technical support plans and a range of IT services that meets the unique needs of your senior care community.

    Our solutions provide flexible offerings that allow you to choose the level of support that’s right for your community. From basic 24/7 device support to Fully Managed network and desktop support, or mobile device management – we give you options.


    Devices & Hardware

    With more than 65,000 mobile devices and touch screens deployed in senior care communities across North America, we’ve got you covered: mobile solutions, PoC, eMAR, Food and Beverage solutions, and Multipurpose devices.

    Your team is looking for the right devices to help deliver the best care possible. Fully Managed end-user devices offer exceptional value, reliability, and deliver greater flexibility and efficiency for your team. Our medical-grade devices have powerful features, designed for durability in a healthcare environment and our ruggedized consumer-grade mobile devices have antimicrobial protection. 


    Stay Open

    Digitally transform how you screen staff/visitors, manage risk, and support infection control.

    The Stay Open platform helps senior care facilities automate screening, data gathering and reporting allowing you to focus on providing care and services. Real-time risk warnings and analytics at your fingertips ensure you stay compliant with latest guidelines.

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    Fully Managed Technology–as-a-Service (TaaS) gives you the technology you need in a flexible, affordable payment model. 

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    Get ready for mobility

    Affordably, securely, successfully with Fully Managed.

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