Fully Managed - Preparedness (and Impact of COVID-19)

Fully Managed, by our very nature, was designed from day one to offer proactive remote support to our customers.  Yes, we do have the scale and the ability to provide onsite support (‘smart hands’) to multi-location enterprises across North America, but over 95% of the time we can proactively maintain and service our customers from one of our many Service Desks locations across the country. Our structure and operations are designed for, and well-suited to, maintain business continuity during crisis situations. 

As a company, we have trained our team to be vigilant and ready for all manner of threats and any potential impacts to Fully Managed and our clientele. During the current COVID-19 crisis we have reinforced this training and have encouraged our team to follow all recommended health practices to keep them and their families healthy. 

Customers have asked about our specific capabilities to withstand threats and maintain support functions.  These are the areas of potential impact and how we are protected in each: 

Impact to Systems

Fully Managed utilizes systems from various vendors, all of which are internet-accessible via secure channels. As we have designed our services via multiple technologies and multiple vendors, we are vendor-agnostic to a good degree. In addition, Fully Managed utilizes server environments across three internally accessible datacenters and multiple cloud services, across diverse geographies. It is believed that due to our diverse makeup of services, vendors, datacenters, and cloud services, Fully Managed will have little to no impact should any specific service, vendor, or datacenter be impacted.

Impact to Location

The Fully Managed teams work from eight offices, spread across North America from east coast to west coast and in-between. With such a widespread base of team members, Fully Managed is protected against impact to any one specific office location. In addition, as all of Fully Managed are issued company laptop devices and our line of business tools are internet-accessible via secure channels, we are thereby able to access our toolset from any office or any home office at any time.  Should an office be temporarily unavailable, there should be no interruptions in our ability to deliver services.

Impact to People

With the Fully Managed team spread throughout North America, we are well protected against any regional impact. Our teams have the ability to work securely from any one of our eight offices or home-based offices, increasing our ability to continue business operations in support of our customers. Fully Managed operates 24x7, providing support to customers around the clock so their technology will operate how they want it to, when they need it to.

Given our DNA and unique growth across North America, Fully Managed believes we are well designed and resourced to continue to provide services and support to our wide customer base.