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In December 2018 we announced the merger of two top managed services providers: CareWorx and Fully Managed. The organizations are now fully merged under the Fully Managed brand.

For customers, our growth means we can offer you more: By tapping into expanded skills, resources and partners, we are bringing you the best technology solutions available – supporting care delivery and services for seniors. Let us show you what’s possible with the right technology foundation.

Our mission? Creating Peace of Mind that your technology will work exactly how you need it to, when you need it to.

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Supporting Senior Care

Your job is to deliver the best quality care and provide a safe, comfortable environment for your senior care community. Our job is to help you with the technology decisions that make all that possible. 

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Contact us and get Fully Managed today!

Contact us and get Fully Managed today!

If our Fully Managed solutions sound like the one for you, "Peace of Mind" is just a click away.