Are you looking for a permanent IT solution or bench strength for your in-house IT? 

IT is an important investment for your organization's security and growth, but many don't realize the depth of how outsourced IT can help. ​


Your technology isn't working for you if you are operating your organization without consistent, quality IT services.


With the right outsourced IT partner, you can focus on the business critical and business growth aspects of your organization and leave the fire fighting to us.

Whether you need a fully outsourced IT department or want support for your current in-house IT, we have a solution that will help you grow. We invest in the industry's best tools (so you don't have to) and help you proactively monitor and manage your IT environment - maximizing uptime and minimizing risk.

With predicable and consistent IT costs, strategic digital road maps, and a proactive account management team, Fully Managed helps your company achieve true Digital Transformation.


We are your IT Department.
Take advantage of everything Fully Managed can offer you with unlimited Technical Support and have peace of mind that your technology will work when it needs to.


Defined Support Model
Choose which hours your organization needs additional Technical Support to keep your opperation running smoothly. 



Co-Managed A La Carte Option
Pick and choose which IT services you need to provide the bench strength your starting lineup needs to make your entire organization the best it can be.


Assessments are used to create a baseline of assets and configurations which enable Fully Managed to identify IT service and infrastructure stability risks as well as potential vulnerabilities and exploits. ​
The more we know, the more we can prevent. The ongoing performance, stability, and security of your devices and IT services is continually measured in a predictive failure fashion. Predictive failure monitoring identifies upcoming IT failures which triggers automated issue diagnostics and remediation actions. This helps us mitigate technology failures that impact your productivity or put your organization at risk.​
Routine maintenance tasks designed to prolong the performance and reliability of your IT devices are executed on a monthly & quarterly schedule. Each preventative maintenance task is monitored by the Fully Managed NOC (Network Operations Center) team to ensure the successful completion and overall stability of your devices and IT services is maintained.
Fully Managed strongly recommends that our customers have coverage in each one of the components listed here. This will result in an integrated Anti-Virus, Windows O/S and 3rd Party Application Patching solution that allows our NOC to actively monitor, manage and update deployed devices. Managed Backup provides ongoing, monitored protection for your critical data. Full Disaster Recovery, although optional is also strongly encouraged to mitigate downtime concerns. Managed Anti-Spam vastly reduces the volume of potential threats from email activity while drastically the time your team wastes on purging them manually.
The ongoing security, stability, and performance of your devices, infrastructure and applications is reported on regularly through current status, changes and potential violations. Access to a virtual CIO - bringing their expertise to your executive team.
Access to Fully Managed’s NOC team for preventative maintenance issues deployed to Workstations, Servers, Network Devices and/or our Service Desk Team for user-initiated issues & questions.


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