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Boost infection control efforts and reduce manual, administrative tasks that detract from providing care.
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COVID-19 has taught us that vigilance is critical for safely operating senior care communities. Outbreaks and emergencies don’t provide anyone with the luxury of time. So why continue with time-consuming manual tasks that only increase exposure risk and add to the administrative burden?

Fully Managed Stay Open is a digital platform designed to help senior care communities support infection control and reduce manual, administrative tasks that detract from providing care. With Stay Open, you can digitally screen staff and visitors, track vaccinations, enhance exposure management capabilities and easily access critical data that simplifies compliance reporting. 

This platform pulls in guidelines from relevant federal, state/provincial and local agencies to ensure that your practices comply with the latest guidance. It also provides real-time data and analytics at your fingertips – helping to automate reporting processes and providing key insights to help you stay prepared.

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Stay Open provides a 360-degree view of the health and safety of residents, staff and visitors.

Stay Open Digital Screening & Vaccine Tracking

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Learn how you can transform manual tasks into data insights that support infection control and compliance.
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Stay Open Features

Digital Screening & Real-Time Notifications
Configurable check-in questionnaires for staff and visitors with advanced check-in options for staff. Automated, real-time notifications via text (SMS) and email for screening red flags. Record temperatures manually or through integrated temperature-taking systems.
Easy-to-Understand Analytics
The dashboard provides actionable insights on collected info and gives you a visual representation of data critical to infection prevention and compliance. Get real-time warnings for risk factors inside and outside the facility. 
Reporting & Compliance
Digitized processes and checklists replace paper and clipboards – helping you remain compliant with federal, state/provincial, and local guidelines for more efficient data collection and analysis.
Exposure Management & Vaccine Tracking
Available integrations with PointClickCare EHR Platform, Microsoft365/Outlook, and time and attendance systems enhance infection control and exposure management reporting. Vaccine tracking helps measure adoption within communities.

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