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As the world starts to ‘reopen’, returning to the workplace requires managing complex workflows to keep employees healthy and workplaces safe.​
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Do you have a plan in place for your team’s return to work? Are you able to instantly assess the readiness of your workforce to return? Are you able to manage a clean and hygienic workspace so that employees can safely and confidently get back to business?

As organizations navigate the new normal, returning to the workplace requires careful planning and execution.​ We can help organizations provide the services employees need for a safe and reassured return to the workplace.​

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Proactively communicating with your team has never been more important.​

● Omnichannel communications include web, mobile, Teams/Slack. ​
● Gather employee feedback, listen to their concerns and take-action ​
● Collect info on readiness and concerns then take-action with Lifecycle Events. ​
● Provide easy access to information on health and safety ​
● Leverage virtual agents to respond to common questions​​



Automate steps for return to workplace: ​
● Manage process in a single spot ​
● Track completion of safety requirements ​
● Build a project plan that includes teams from across departments ​
● Easily modify the plan to adopt to changing requirements ​
● Guide new hires & returning workers through onboarding ​
● Rapidly build, test, and deploy onboarding processes with intelligent no-code builder tools​​


Provide a safe, employee-ready working environment: ​
● Screen employees & verify temperatures to maintain a safe work environment ​
● Sign off on cleaning tasks and verify completed time ​
● Automate the scheduling of cleaning tasks ​
● Track room availability for planned and on-demand workplace space ​
● Dashboards provide visibility into the status of all work items and highlight areas of risk​​

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