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The Future of Work

In today’s world, the ability to securely work from anywhere is no longer a nice-to-have.

The office of the past is evolving. 9-to-5 was a millennium ago. You and your team work from wherever you are at any time. Collaborations now take place virtually, instantly. As the traditional office environment opens up, so have issues with connectivity, security and productivity.

Our Managed Workforce solution enables mobile office workers to connect to your secure network, collaborate remotely and achieve measurable productivity.

Manage your Team Securely, From Anywhere

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Managed Workforce solutions are designed to enable organizations to work productively and collaboratively from anywhere. This means having the right tools in place for your team, like Office365 & Teams and:

  • Remote worker readiness: user, workstation and line-of-business application assessment
  • Creating a secure VPN environment for remote users
  • Establishing foundational endpoint and user security


One of today’s most prominent risks to businesses comes from cyber threats and malicious targeting of vulnerable individuals. Securely protecting your intellectual property and data, especially from outside corporate walls, is a must. Fully Managed locks down the ‘anywhere office’ by:

  • Creating a secure VPN environment for remote users
  • Extending security to Awareness Training and security data communication
  • Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) for an additional layer of protection


New ways of working equal new distractions. Modern employers understand the need for flexibility beyond the traditional 9 to 5. To help manage a virtual workforce, access to analytics can help your team achieve desired productivity. Our key measurements that help individuals realize potential include:

  • Email send/receive statistics
  • Remote worker active times
  • OneDrive & SharePoint active times


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