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Are you getting the most out of your ServiceNow investment? Do you find yourself getting lost in a sea of modules—some of which don’t even matter to your business?

Many businesses invest in ServiceNow prematurely, and don’t realize the full benefits they were looking for initially.  That’s why we’ve devoted an entire line of our business to helping companies realize their fullServiceNow investment! Here’s how to avoid the buyer’s remorse how you can easily get back on track:

When you first bought ServiceNow, you may have realized the upfront productivity gains but then the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) anxieties tend to creep in… Licensing costs, upgrades, administration, and maintenance of the platform requires a pricey investment in specialized IT personnel.  With FM’s unique Remote ServiceNow Administration (RSA) offering you can achieve more for less! As opposed to investing in a costly, in-house FTE, you can subscribe to our RSA services where you’ll benefit from economies of scale. We offer our technical expertise on a project basis or in a monthly subscription model that is at your disposal.

ISSUE: Often things go smoothly with ServiceNow until your organization loses their in-house IT expertand they find themselves with a major knowledge gap to fill.
SOLUTION: Rather than try to find, replace, train & retain expensive FTEs our RSA offering, saves HR the hassle of onboarding FTEs in a highly competitive IT job market and allows you to avoid the costs of ServiceNow admin training and certification!

ISSUE: Your existing IT department does not have the expertise required or the time to configure ServiceNow the way you want it. There are an overwhelming number of options and a lack ofguidance on what modules are really beneficial for your organization.
SOLUTIONS: By subscribing to Remote ServiceNow Administration, you can enjoy Peace of Mind knowing that your business is maximizing ROI and focusing only on the modules that matter to your operations. In addition, our seasoned experts will perform ongoing configuration updates, streamlining, and adoption of new features—so your business operations will automatically evolve with every ServiceNow enhacement.

ISSUE: Without a thorough understanding of the platform’s all-encompassing enterprise capabilities, the perceived efficacy of ServiceNow depreciates and questions of ‘sustainable value’ begin to surface amongst C-level decision-makers.
SOLUTION: FM will help you realize operational workflows and gain data-driven insights through symbiotic integrations with other IT and Business Systems.

ISSUE: ServiceNow, organizations often wonder if there are other ways they can supplement their enterprise as a whole.
SOLUTION: If you are looking to eliminate gaps in user knowledge orwant to maximize allocation of your internal resources towards innovative projects, then complimenting your RSA subscription with our 100% customizable Service Desk solution maximizes availability of your critical resources and increases IT employee satisfaction and retention by deflecting manual, unrewarding tasks.

Evolving enterprise service management takes tremendous insight and dedication.




Already Using ServiceNow?
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