Moments of Truth

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A business owner rarely LIKES to spend money, but in order to meet goals and invest for the future, sometimes they HAVE to spend money. A moment of truth refers to the “gut feeling” or “aha moment” a consumer gets when he or she decides whether or not to choose a product or service – aka to spend that money. That decision is often determined based on the service or value they have experienced in the past, or on the perceived value they hope to receive (reputation matters!). When a company provides a service or product that goes above and beyond, they reinforce for their customers that they made the right choice.  

At Fully Managed, we aim to create those affirming moments for our customers with a full-service approach to IT.  We believe in partnering with customers and guiding them on an IT journey that supports their business operations and future needs. Beginning with the IT planning phase, our knowledgeable team of Virtual CIOs (vCIOs) work with you to understand your business, your current infrastructure and to identify any holes or areas that need improvement – all aligned with your spending goals.  

Our technical experts can guide you through any necessary integrations or technology projects required to help you operate securely and with maximum efficiency. A dedicated 24x7 live-answer Service Desk can extend your internal capabilities and support your team when issues arise, while our North American network of IT specialists can offer on-site support with our FM On Demand service. Coupled with all of this is our focus on bringing you best-in-class tools and solutions designed to digitally transform your business – helping you take advantage of technology that will lead you into tomorrow with confidence. 

We regularly seek out feedback from our customers to gauge how we are performing, how we can improve and to gain insight into the actual moments of truth that our teams are creating every day. The story in the link below exemplifies what we are always trying to achieve – peace of mind for our customers.