ServiceNow or ServiceNow-as-a-Service?

So, you’ve determined that your organization has outgrown its current IT environment, and now you’re looking for a scalable technology that will effectively meet business needs without driving up costs. The operational complexity of your organization demands a powerful, all-in-one solution; one that will take the place of disparate tools, substandard integrations, and legacy infrastructure that no longer serves the best interests of your business. It’s time to transform the delivery of IT (and other) services across your organization; it’s time to invest in Enterprise Service Management (ESM)!

ServiceNow is the global leader in enterprise digital transformation

If you’ve heard of ServiceNow, you probably know it’s the most cutting-edge ESM platform on the market.

Ok, let’s pause for a second. If you’re thinking, “ServiceNow?? I’m not sure my company can afford it...”

Think again.

When it comes to enterprise-grade digital transformation, you don’t need to be in the Global 2000, Fortune 500, or some other globally-appraised corporate status group to qualify. While major global enterprises comprise a notable portion of the ServiceNow market, this should not deter smaller enterprises from investment. Simply ask, “Am I part of a rapidly growing digital enterprise—somewhere in the 500+ employee range—that requires agility, seamless customer service, and competitive innovation to stay top-of-mind in our industry?” If you answered “yes,” then without a doubt your company is a prime candidate for ESM technology onboarding. Organizations of all shapes and sizes can significantly transform their service delivery and operations using ServiceNow’s single pane of glass view and automation capabilities—without paying an arm and a leg!

As stated before, ServiceNow is the leading ESM technology provider, helping enterprises around the world achieve their digital transformation objectives through one cure-all platform. What you may not be aware of, though, is the rapidly growing arena of ServiceNow partner offerings available to choose from. As a Premier-certified partner of ServiceNow, Fully Managed is honoured to be a part of this vast partner ecosystem, responding to niche ServiceNow market demands as we see them.

Our experience with ServiceNow prospecting led to our identification of an under-served market: small- to medium-sized, or “mid-market”, enterprises (SMEs). We were committed to building out a digital transformation solution for this group—specifically, one that would be:

  • 100% built off ServiceNow;
  • out-of-the-box and easy-to-implement;
  • supported throughout its life cycle via an experienced and dedicated Fully Managed admin;
  • available in a flexible “-as-a-Service” model.    
In early 2017, that vision went to market as GrandCentral—aka “ServiceNow-as-a-Service”—a turnkey, entry-level ServiceNow platform, and to this day, a core offering in our FM Enterprise line of business.

So, now that you know ServiceNow is scalable and customizable based on the needs of your business, you don’t have to worry anymore about fitting into a “one-size-fits-all” package. Even purchasing agreements vary—you can buy and manage your own ServiceNow platform or subscribe to a hosted version that includes ongoing maintenance and development activities via a dedicated ServiceNow consultant (much like an Account Manager).

What all this boils down to is simple: different solutions work for different companies. Whether those differences stem from organizational size, structure, or the degree to which digital transformation is important to company leaders, your business deserves to have options so it can choose what’s best!

To find out which ServiceNow solution is best for your company, consider the following:
  1. Would I rather manage my own stand-alone ServiceNow instance or subscribe to a hosted platform?
  2. Do the needs of my organization warrant implementation of customized features or is an out-of-the-box solution enough?
  3. Does the scale of my business justify buying the entire ServiceNow enterprise package or am I looking to start small and scale as my company grows?
  4. Do I have a well-trained in-house IT department that can manage ServiceNow or is access to IT experts limited or strained?

To learn more about the ways your organization can upgrade to ServiceNow-grade ESM, please feel free to contact us and be sure to download our handy ServiceNow or ServiceNow-as-a-Service guide.