Customer Feature: Kerby Centre

For our next Fully Managed Customer Feature, we spoke with Calgary-based customer, Kerby Centre, a centre for older adult programs and services which is based in the original building of Mount Royal College. Over the years, the organization has grown in size and in the ways it supports the senior community. Kerby Centre operates one of only three dedicated senior abuse shelters in Alberta, education and recreation programs, a food rescue initiative, and even offers a technical support service called Cyberseniors.  When it comes to their members, they get more involved in the decision-making process, to help guide and ensure that each member of their community is adequately supported in all areas of their lives.

Over the past 13 months, despite several COVID-19 related closures, they have maintained their mission by turning their programs completely inside out and moving to an online environment. Kerby Centre created programs and virtual events that endeavoured to support those seniors facing pandemic isolation. Although unfortunate circumstances are what keeps us all virtual right now, Kerby Centre saw this as an opportunity to connect with individuals that their inner-city programs could not normally reach. They have embraced their mission and continue to find new ways to support the community.

As the IT provider for Kerby Centre, we feel humbled to help them grow and innovate. They recognized that their current IT experience was a very break-fix approach, only seeking support when problems arose. They began to realize their reactive way of dealing with IT issues wasn’t serving their organization well.  Kerby Centre has adopted a more proactive approach to technology that involves planning to meet strategic goals.  We are thrilled they have embraced an IT partnership with Fully Managed and we look forward to successfully guiding them through new challenges and continued growth in the future!

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