What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that provides a complete, enterprise-wide solution that helps organizations connect their people, processes, and systems to accelerate innovation, improve workflow, and enhance customer service. 

How does ServiceNow work?

As an automation tool, the ServiceNow platform enables data to flow seamlessly across systems and applications to help your business run more efficiently. Ultimately, this workflow automation enables smooth-flowing internal business processes, communications, and collaboration across multiple teams. 

Why ServiceNow solutions? 

The ServiceNow platform helps companies accelerate digital transformation and improve the way they function. They are an industry-leading provider of workflow automation and regularly appear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for best-practice tools. Here are some standard solutions ServiceNow provides that can rapidly help the digital transformation of your business.   

  • IT Workflows: ServiceNow can help IT workflows automate disconnected IT processes with digital workflows on a single, unified platform. Product modules like IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Business Management (ITBM), and IT Asset Management (ITAM) help organizations streamline and modernize IT operations, as well as manage risk, security and cost.    

  • Customer Workflows: ServiceNow also enables intelligent customer workflows, which create enhanced, seamless customer experiences and drive customer loyalty. This helps to resolve issues faster or identify potential problems before customers are affected. Products like Customer Service Management (CSM) and Field Services Management (FSM) help improve service operations and boost customer satisfaction.  

  • Employee Workflows: Employee workflows help your team quickly get what they need and elevate the employee experience.  

Getting the most from your ServiceNow investment 

There is no doubt that ServiceNow is the best-in-class solution to drive digital transformation. But like any tool, it requires expertise to manage and derive maximum return on investment. As an Elite ServiceNow partner, Fully Managed can work with your organization to help you plan, implement, manage, support, and organize your ServiceNow deployment. 

Fully Managed has a dedicated ServiceNow practice offering: 

  • Implementations: Fully Managed can get you up and running with intelligent automation. 

  • Administrative & Development Services: Finding and keeping in-house ServiceNow specialists can be challenging and expensive. Tap into Fully Managed administration and development services to help you operate and support how you use the platform.  

  • Management Consulting: Access to experts who can provide a personalized strategy to guide your business transformation journey. 

Getting started with ServiceNow 

Are you ready to revolutionize how your company works? Workflow automation is the first step on your path to success. Whether you have already invested in ServiceNow or are just starting, you need a partner with ServiceNow know-how to guide you. Fully Managed can help you realize the power and potential of digital transformation and help you maximize ROI from your ServiceNow investment.