Unlocking the ServiceNow Oasis

People, Process, Technology…. What exactly does this mean?

It means having the right people to configure, maintain, upgrade, and customize your ServiceNow platform so that optimal business processes can be supported company-wide – which will effectively unlock the true potential of the technology (i.e. your service management platform)!

At this point, you probably agree that buying enterprise-grade software, in and of itself, is not going to fix all your problems. The facts are:

  1. Most software companies are primarily focused on selling licenses; the question of how to obtain the most value out of them is left in the buyer’s hands.

  2. The cost of the licenses does not account for the costs needed to run the platform. In other words, the costs of software implementation, ServiceNow® administration training, and ongoing maintenance projects are not sold inclusively and can cost 10x as much as what you paid for the technology, itself.

  3. Generally speaking, most buyers will find that the implementation and training pieces fall into place quite nicely. The real challenge for IT becomes the tackling of day-to-day ongoing maintenance, especially the task of sustaining integrations with other systems. Beyond this, evolving the platform to automate your business processes and workflows is a parallel challenge of utmost importance to C-level leaders. Justifying a technology without a clear understanding of how it contributes to this value is risky territory—and failure to do so is a key reason for platform turnover.

ServiceNow® Administration: it’s a classic story of supply & demand…

Truth be told, accomplishing 1-3 above could be straightforward, and the perennial gains of ServiceNow are certainly worth any struggle. Rest assured, your organization is still on-track to an enterprise-grade service oasis. Turning back on your investment, now, would be a big mistake.

We’ve now walked through the costs and challenges involved in getting ServiceNow up and running and functioning optimally. You may be wondering… what’s left to address? Why can’t I simply take what I’ve learnt above and apply this knowledge myself? After all, I’ve purchased the licenses, completed the initial implementation, and my in-house IT experts are the best you can find.

In a perfect world, you would have nothing to worry about. But the world of tech is not perfect—it’s starkly competitive.

There comes a point in time when every company leader must face the inevitable market truth dominating Big Tech’s competitive landscape:

ServiceNow experts are in high-demand and short supply, which means they are hard to find and even harder to keep...

Like any scarce resource in a field of hot demand, competition stakes are raised—and so are the salaries that go with them. According to a recent salary report by ZipRecruiter (2019), the average ServiceNow®-certified administrator in the United States costs a company $110,131/year. This sum does not factor-in the costs of ongoing certification and training.

Let’s say you’ve invested two years in your ServiceNow IT resources… What happens if they leave because another enterprise is willing to pay them more? Where does all the acquired knowledge and business insight go? Most companies will find it simply goes down the drain and into the pockets of the more competitive bidder (i.e. the new company that hired them). When it comes to employee turnover in the niche field of IT, the struggle of knowledge loss is real…

Not only are ServiceNow® admins expensive to hire and hard to find and keep, they are quite costly to ‘maintain’ in the form of continual training and certification. You may also find that the reality of your business environment does not afford your critical IT resources enough bandwidth to complete all the crucial projects needed to get ServiceNow functioning, while still supporting other IT processes in the company.

In the end, ServiceNow certification is a must if you want to configure and sustain the platform on your own. As capable as your resources are, they may not have the time to stay up-to-date on all the latest expertise in the fast-moving ServiceNow world. If this is the case for your organization, leveraging the services of an MSP who specializes in ServiceNow administration might be a better, more cost-effective choice.

After strategically assessing the reality of your IT landscape, you will likely resolve that the hassles of D-I-Y will lead to wider business inefficiencies. The only approach that makes sense is to hand off the systemic responsibilities of ServiceNow to an MSP that diligently upholds a pool of admin experts.

That’s where we step in.

Fully Managed is here to help—not to replace your current it team…

It’s a common misconception to view managed IT services as a way of outsourcing quality, full-time labour. Even more common is the suspicion that outsourcers are looking to replace your in-house team – but nothing could be further from the truth!

Remote ServiceNow Administration (RSA) is founded on the ServiceNow principle of “making work, work better” for those who have so much to do in so little time. Many of the Fortune 500 who use ServiceNow are not in the industry of IT – their primary concern is to modernize their IT and various departmental processes so that they can successfully focus on their business goals.

That’s what we strive to do with our customizable, on-demand or as-a-service® RSA model. Make your daily work, work even better by relieving those manual, tedious, and redundant constraints on projects of innovation.

Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to help you:

  1. Scale your platform

  2. Fill knowledge gaps in your existing IT team

  3. Provide a cost model that works for your company

  4. Support the maintenance and continuous improvement work that is critical to sustainable value

Call or email today to find out which RSA services are right for your business!