Is it true - Can you really have your cake & eat it too?

Great software isn’t enough. To get sustainable value out of your technology purchase, you must also invest in the right people who can support and manage the processes that your awesome ESM tool enables.

The ServiceNow go-live cake is a big one to eat, which means you need to make big picture considerations before deciding to invest. Those who leap before they run often find themselves asking down the road: Should I have consulted a managed service provider to host and oversee my company’s ServiceNow instance, instead of trying to figure it out on my own?

90% of the customers we speak with say yes, and this is why….

After basking in the upfront gains of ServiceNow, it is common for IT leaders and business owners to experience disenchantment. When the cake first came out of the oven, it smelled great… You had a bite and it tasted even better! After passing plates all around, everyone agreed this was the best investment the company could have made… But then somewhere down the road, the sweetness of the cake has left you in an afterglow of emptiness. The immediate and effortless gains of the investment have levelled-out, and the top three pitfalls have set-in:
  1. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – The initial budget set out for your ServiceNow investment did not account for the bigger picture of what would be needed to support this platform (i.e. licensing costs, upgrades, administration, and maintaining integrations with other IT systems). Carried away by the excitement of the platform, it’s easy for decision-makers to overlook the full scope of costs associated with an investment in ServiceNow.
  2. Buyer’s Remorse – With its overwhelming number of features and capabilities, your company leaders realize they may have been a little ambitious by taking on ServiceNow. Since surpassing the ‘hey-day’ of the initial implementation stage, you’re now coming to terms with the highly-involved, day-to-day maintenance required to keep the platform running smoothly. Compounding these costs is the prospect of having to add more IT resources to support these day-to-day needs…
  3. Loss of Focus – The ServiceNow project was IT’s top priority a few years ago and the initial release brought a big boost in business productivity and user satisfaction. But since the low-hanging fruit of the initial release was harvested (and eaten), the organization seems less interested in talking about long-term investments and incremental changing – having moved on to the next trendy project.

These are the most typical problems we see with organizations who are a few years deep into their ServiceNow deployment. But one fact remains: none of these setbacks pertain to the platform, itself, but the way in which you manage and use it. Without making a long-term knowledge and skill investment, the fruits of your technology investment will be short-lasting and stunted in scale.

From here, it may seem reasonable to conclude that when it comes to great technology, you cannot have your cake and eat it too… But with Remote ServiceNow Administration-As-a-Service—oh, you bet you can!


What does it mean to get sustainable value from your ServiceNow investment? It means hiring the right support team to manage your platform so that you can keep those ‘go-live cake moments’ coming time, and time again! Clients are always happy to celebrate their initial implementation success, but there are lots of other ServiceNow milestones to rejoice in, like the addition of new features or customized capabilities.

In addition to getting sustainable value, you will actually benefit from economies of scale by choosing to work with our team of experienced ServiceNow admins. Like most modern-day products and services, it’s simply more cost-effective to buy from a company that specializes in a specific area of expertise.

"Many clients who come to us are not aware of the extent of resources needed to successfully support ServiceNow… They proceed to source what they can afford in an ad hoc environment, but eventually scope creep takes a toll on other critical IT projects and operations..." Fady Khudair, Senior Account Executive

By choosing an MSP that’s devoted to ServiceNow administration, you eliminate these problems. You save money. You get the exact ROI you expected because your platform is getting the ongoing care and attention that it needs to thrive and evolve.

Our RSA experts will take the time to review your needs and ensure that your ServiceNow instance is configured the right way for you. Whether you engage with us on a project basis or for a monthly fee, we can:
  • Configure and customize the system you have selected
  • Maintain and upgrade it
  • Take advantage of new features and integrations
  • Evolve your service management capabilities over time so they scale and align with your business
For more information, please visit our Remote ServiceNow Administration page.