Virtual CIO: The Fully Managed Secret Weapon

At Fully Managed, what drives everything we do is customer experience. We want that journey to result in success for all our clients. One of the ways we accomplish that is what we like to call our secret weapon.   

What is this secret weapon you ask? Our virtual CIOs, or chief information officers, help build the foundation upon which we deliver our IT services. In partnership with our customers and developed with their unique business goals in mind, our team of vCIOs, creates a roadmap for technology success that is designed to prioritize IT objectives and projects over time. 

We recently took a deep dive look into our relationship with Hillel Lodge, a long-term care facility specializing in providing care and services for seniors in a traditional Jewish environment. Fully Managed account manager, Bekah and senior care practice vCIO, Patrick, have worked in partnership with Hillel Lodge to create an IT environment that further enhances stability, security and supports their daily operations. Through IT assessments, collaborative discussion and proactive planning, the Fully Managed team and Hillel Lodge were able design a technology strategy that works.  We proposed a re-think and revitalization of Hillel’s physical IT infrastructure – a strategy designed to introduce additional technology best practices to enhance security and efficiency. With the new IT roadmap, Hillel would derive even greater benefit from the network monitoring, routine maintenance and 24x7 IT support, already in place with Fully Managed. 

Since Fully Managed and Hillel Lodge began implementing the new technology plan over the last year, there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of IT support tickets from the facility. Seeing a reduction over time is natural when people become accustomed to changes, but a decline in tickets also means that an environment has become more stable – which is something that we all want to see!  The team at Hillel Lodge is continuing to implement new components of the long-term technology plan and are now able to prioritize upgrades and improvements more effectively thanks to proactive planning and the Fully Managed secret weapon!