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“Fully Managed® has enabled us to strive for excellence in providing our suite of consulting and coaching services to clients across North America while having the utmost confidence that our back-end technology will deliver.”
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Hosted PBX in the Cloud

Full-featured, business-grade telephone system with ability to transfer callers, hold & queue calls, set up conference calls or have the phone answered by an automated attendant which can direct callers to different departments or extensions automatically.

Easy Remote Working

With a Fully Managed® hosted PBX solution, you can have an extension in any remote location that rings at the same time as your office extension. For a minimal monthly fee, you can add phone numbers in multiple area codes to facilitate working with your customers globally. Or, take and place calls at home or at your local coffee shop using a wireless Internet connection and a "soft phone" to place and receive calls as if you were at the office.

Unbeatable Pricing

Calls placed across Canada and United Stated are completely free (Standard & Premium Seats), so you won't be charged long distance charges when calling anywhere in Canada or US. Pricing is on a per-seat basis, with 3 levels of seats avaialable: Basic, Standard & Premium. Typically, our hosted PBX solution will generate cost savings of between 30-50% over a traditional business phone system, while providing so many benefits.

No Hardware

You don't need an on-site PBX - just business-grade, IP-based handsets. These phones receive and place calls over a dedicated voice connection (which we provide), so you no longer need your existing phone line(s). Our hosted PBX service also eliminates the large expense and considerable configuration that hardware-centric phone systems entail, while still providing complete integration of phone and computer networks.

Call Center Insights

Many businesses are driving sales and customer service on the phone. Our hosted PBX solution provides a platform on which compliance and quality control can be measured and built upon. Features like call recording, agent monitoring, and detailed reporting allow you to keep tabs on the performance of your various departments. 

Fully Scalable

Because Fully Managed® hosted PBX phone features are software-based and hosted on a remote server, upgrading to a new feature is almost instantaneous as updates become available. Your phone service can expand in step with your company's growth, locally as you expand or as you branch out into new markets. You are also future-proofing your business communications and ensuring a long-term reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as access to new features as they become available in the industry.

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