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Windows 8 Shortcuts

Chris Dayby Chris Day @ Fully Managed™
Posted 4 years ago

Windows 8 has not yet made its way into the business mainstream, however, we are starting to see a trickle of personal devices out there. Here are a couple of useful shortcuts to be aware of with Windows 8. For the purpose of this article, the bulleted list below:

Windows Key + _____

  • Nothing = Switch between start screen and primary running application or the Windows Desktop
  • B = Switch to classic Windows desktop and and select the tray notification area
  • C = Display Charms (a new feature in Windows 8) in the lower left
  • D = Switch to classic Windows desktop and toggle Show Desktop
  • E = Switch to classic Windows desktop and launch Windows Explorer (file manager)
  • F = Search Files using search pane
  • I = Display Settings pane for Start screen
  • L = Lock PC (this is not new)
  • M = Minimize Explorer window (this is not new)
  • O = Toggle orientation on table/slate/convertible PCs
  • P = Projection control pane for presentations/monitor outputs
  • Q = Search within Apps using new Windows Search pane
  • R = Run (this is not new)
  • Z = Display App Bar

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