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Business Needs

Hatfield Consultants approached Fully Managed® in mid-2009 to review and assess the current IT infrastructure.  As with many successful and rapidly growing organizations, the underlying IT infrastructure had not been scaled to support the growing needs of the business. Performance, reliability and capacity issues existed and Fully Managed® was tasked with providing an unbiased assessment of the environment. It was determined that underlying technology platform needed to be enhanced to provide a solid and reliable foundation for the key applications required.

Once these upgrades were in place, all core IT infrastructure components must be proactively monitored and maintained to ensure the highest possible uptime for staff in the Greater Vancouver area and around the globe. In order to support the mission critical nature of the projects and round-the-clock needs of remote staff operating outside of North America, an on-demand technical support and helpdesk solution needed to be put in place enabling these team members with direct access to professional IT support on an ongoing basis.


The recommended IT infrastructure upgrades were implemented by the Fully Managed® professional services team. This included implementation of a new VMware clustered environment, NetApp storage (SAN/NAS), HP ProCurve networking and Microsoft Active Directory upgrades. Critical GIS data was migrated away from aging Linux-based systems to the NetApp filer directly. Network and security upgrades were performed, including a clustered Juniper SRX solution providing high availability and fault-tolerance for the WAN and enabling VPN access for remote staff.

Once the new IT environment was fully deployed and documented, Fully Managed® was engaged to provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support for the core IT infrastructure globally as well as helpdesk / desktop support for the 60 employees located in BC, including regular on-site support for local staff.


Peace of Mind

As a result of the changes implemented by Fully Managed®, Hatfield Consultants has increased confidence in both the underlying infrastructure and back-end support team managing the environment on an ongoing basis. This frees the internal staff to focus on their mission rather than worrying about the IT infrastructure needed to support the business.   Grant Bruce, Vice President, on his experience working with Fully Managed® since the implemented IT infrastructure upgrades and Managed Services: “One of our greatest concerns related to rebuilding and reconfiguring all our core IT infrastructure was the potential for disruption of our business activities.  However Fully Managed® was able to complete the upgrades with virtually no noticeable disruption to our operations, a significant achievement given the international 24/7 nature of our business.  The upgrades have resulted in a noticeable improvement in the stability/reliability and speed of our systems, and has provided increased peace of mind to our management team that our IT infrastructure can now be managed in a predicable way.”


Since the implementation of the upgraded IT infrastructure, the Hatfield Consultants has experienced 100% uptime on essential systems (outside of planned maintenance windows). This comes as a result of an architecture designed to support business needs and providing very high availability.

Since the implementation of Managed Services, Hatfield’s IT infrastructure is monitored and maintained 24x7 to ensure that systems are operating optimally and any detected minor issues are addressed before they result in downtime for staff.  When problems do arise, a 1-hour guaranteed response time is provided to all staff as part of the Fully Managed® service level agreement (SLA) enabling maximum productivity.

Cost Savings

As a result of the new IT infrastructure and approach to IT management, Hatfield anticipates realizing cost savings resulting from the greater stability/reliability of the rebuilt system and the increased uptime of staff being fully utilized.

About Hatfield Consultants

Established in 1974, Hatfield Consultants provides high-quality environmental services for private and public sector clients throughout the world, including North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Hatfield provides services in the areas of aquatic ecology, environmental assessment and monitoring, contaminant monitoring, GIS and remote sensing, environmental information systems, biodiversity assessments and international development.

Hatfield Consultants has multiple offices around the globe including Canada (North Vancouver, BC, Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Calgary, Alberta) and Indonesia, and maintain partnerships in Thailand and Chile. This presents an interesting business challenge as a result of undertaking complex, multi-disciplinary environmental projects, often in collaboration with networks of local experts and specialists in particular fields.

Technology plays a key role in supporting the needs of the business. Remote offices and field staff working globally require reliable access to information systems located within the corporate headquarters in North Vancouver, BC.

Official Site: www.hatfieldgroup.com

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