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“Fully Managed® has enabled us to strive for excellence in providing our suite of consulting and coaching services to clients across North America while having the utmost confidence that our back-end technology will deliver.”
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We are uniquely positioned to provide strategic technology advice to our clients, and we offer this as a benefit of working with us for IT Support and Management services. As a result of our broad access to a wide variety of businesses and deep knowledge of your IT infrastructure, we are able to identify risks and opportunities very quickly – avoiding common mistakes and ensuring success.

How it works:

    • Reporting and Business Intelligence – Reporting and metrics to ensure money is being spent in the right places and that your systems are running efficiently. We will provide you with detailed monthly reporting which gives you complete insight into your environment, allowing us to see trends and provide you with strategic advice on your environment with real-time metrics to support our recommendations.
    • Vendor Management – With your permission, we will take over the time-consuming task of managing all of your IT-related vendors, hardware and software licensing. We become the buffer between IT vendors so you can focus on your business and leave the administrative details to us. Whether it’s licensing acquisition, engaging or the procurement of new hardware, we look after it all.
    • On-Demand Review – We will meet with you regularly, both on-site at your location and at our corporate headquarters, to ensure that both your short and long-term IT strategies aligns with your business objectives.
    • Quarterly Review – We provide a formal quarterly review with the executive team to discuss any outstanding issues and to plan for the future, reviewing both the relationship and technology itself. We want to ensure your IT infrastructure evolves with your business and aligns with your business goals, and that our services are perfectly aligned with your requirements.
    • Life cycle Management – We maintain and report on the life cycle of all equipment and licensing to ensure your equipment is under warranty and that you have the proper licensing in place. Regular inventories, asset assignments / tagging and reporting is provided.
    • Standardization – We believe that standardization is a key factor to the success of any short or long-term IT strategy. As part of our ongoing Fully Managed® approach, we ensure we move your business in the right direction. Software and Hardware standardization creates a stable environment and aids in the effort to achieve optimal functionality. Over time, it also reduces IT support costs as supporting dissimilar systems is not efficient compared to supporting a consistent/standardized environment.

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