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“Our lifeblood is our data, and we entrust this data to Fully Managed® with complete confidence in their security, integrity, and reliability.”
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We include E-Mail Security (anti-virus / anti-spam), End-Point Protection (anti-virus for servers and workstations) with our managed services offering. This saves you the cost and hassle associated with managing these independently, while simplifying things for us. A true win-win!

How it works:

    • E-Mail Security – We have partnered with several companies to provide robust anti-spam and anti-virus filtering for e-mail. Since over 90% of e-mail on the internet is unsolicited, we utilize a solution that removes the clutter from your inbox and ensures only ‘good’ messages are delivered to your mailbox. Its self-serving functionality allows you to release any quarantined messages that may have been blocked on accident without the need to engage support.
    • End-Point Protection – We include licensing and management for workstation & server anti-virus, providing protection for your desktops, laptops, and servers through a centralized platform (Fully Managed® Endpoint Security). This ensures your systems are protected from all malicious attacks. The solution is based on the the award winning ESET technology. ESET possess a strong and respected technology background, and more importantly is an incredibly effective anti-malware and anti-virus solution available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

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