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Why Use Slow Computers?

Chris Dayby Chris Day @ Fully Managed™
Posted 2 years ago

An amazingly simple, effective post today appeared on Warranty Master on The True Cost of Slow Computers. We recently adopted this tool as a simplified means of tracking & presenting warranty renewals in an automated way to our partners, and it produces some pretty compelling reports. 

The Hard Truth

Based on a 2.75% productivity drop due to bad slow computers, the average cost to a typical company per employee is $5,676 (including opportunity cost). This sure seems to support the idea that all employees should have a vendor-supported, fast computer, doesn't it?

Next Steps

The process to address this is very straightforward: first, meet with your account manager to review the warranty reporting and inventory. Next, develop a replacement budget over one to four quarters (as budget allows). Finally, purchase and deploy replacement computers in accordance with the developed schedule. Simple, right? You're well on your way to happier people + faster computers = more work getting done. Its a win-win!

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