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Risk of Losing Your IT Guy

Joel Abramsonby Joel Abramson @ Fully Managed™
Posted 2 years ago

I wandered into the corner store on my way home the other day and bought a lottery ticket. Would it impact my business if I won? Perhaps a little more vacation next year than the previous, which would not have a profound impact on our operations. But what if I'm an IT Manager at a medium size business? Do I quit and move to another country? Do I go out in a blaze of glory or do I take the high road? These become real questions not only for IT Managers who win the lottery, but who get job offers in other places, or get sick, or take extended leave. What happens next? Typically medium size businesses are not built to withstand this type of outage or shift. Is documentation current? Are processes developed? What about if there is a disaster, did your IT Guy set up a back-up and disaster recovery plan? The brain trust of the IT guy poses a significant risk to the continuation of operations, and this is one of the primary motivators for shifting to Managed IT Services. Professional practices, documentation, continuance, no vacations. Managed IT Services provides Peace of Mind to protect against all of these risks of losing your IT guy, for better or worse.

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