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Interest vs. Positional Thinking

David Reeveby David Reeve @ Fully Managed™
Posted 2 years ago

As humans we have a natural tendency to spend a great deal of time in two areas:

  • Trying to look good
  • Trying not to look bad

The result of this is that we often take the stance of being "positional" about whatever the topic is. We want to "defend" our reasons, our team, our actions, our decisions etc. What this leads to is blind spots to the truth and ultimately blinds spots to solutions. This can damage your brand and culture in a big way.

If you view the world from a stance of "interest" and stop worrying about trying to look good/not look bad, you bring a new spirit of cooperation to the discussion. Your lenses are focused on solutions that ultimately benefit the greater good. You do not build blind spots and the creativity begins to flourish. Ultimately, you do end up looking good and not bad. 

Try this next time you are in a meeting. Feel safe and secure in your role, take a deep breath and view everything from a point of interest.

You and your brand will be much better off.

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