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Modern Solutions for Backup

Todd Kaneby Todd Kane @ Fully Managed™
Posted 2 years ago

Modern Solutions for Backup

Whenever there is a sizeable earthquake in the news, like the recent one in California, people tend to think, “What would happen to my business if there was a disaster here?” The truth is data disasters come in many forms- often ones that are more likely to impact your business than the “the big-one.” From Crypto-locker to failed backup, these type of day to day threats are far more common than non-IT professionals realize.

The world of backup and disaster recovery has evolved over the years. Backups used to be simple. Copy files to tape or external disk, then take that physical media to another location. Today, company data is much larger and more complex. For more detail check out the video below.

At Fully Managed®, we understand the importance of data protection for modern businesses. We also know that managing backup doesn’t have to be a laborious effort. When we engage with new partners we often find they are dealing with a software based backup system that generates more errors than completion notifications. After replacing that system with a Fully Managed® Backup and Business Continuity solution, backup becomes a quarterly discussion instead of weekly effort.

Imagine a scenario where a crypto-locker virus attacks your server where your finance information is stored. It’s a painful fight with the nasty bug and eventually you decide to restore from backup. Unfortunately, after trying to restore from backup you find that the backup has errors and is unusable. How is this possible? The backup system didn’t report a failure. Businesses are often unaware of the importance of testing backups. It’s rare, but it is possible for errors to go undetected in a backup, or more likely for backups to be corrupted on the tape or disk being used.

Modern backups should use disk based backup, preferably in an appliance, with block-level granular backups for file level restore. This local backup should then replicate to an offsite location over the internet. If you’re still using external hard drives or tapes and carrying them home a few times a month, it may be time to look at a more modern data protection system.

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