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Windows 10

Todd Kaneby Todd Kane @ Fully Managed™
Posted 1 year ago

Microsoft has released its latest operating system, Windows 10. Fully Managed® plans to officially support Windows 10 in Feburary. Microsoft has responded to the vocal criticism of Windows 8 and corrected many of the interface issues in Windows 8. Microsoft has also made upgrading to Windows 10 very attractive by making it free* to just about anyone with a previous version of Windows.

Here are some factors to consider when adopting Windows 10 in your business:


Staff should be given software or print based materials to familiarize themselves with the changes. Group training with an instructor can be considered, but is not always necessary.


Select a few users from key departments and upgrade them first. This allow you to collect focused feedback from a limited number of users and make tweaks or alterations before the wider roll-out.

Always consider large changes such as software upgrades as an opportunity to sharpen your approach to your current use of technology. What are the improvements you would make to the user experience before rolling out to the rest of the company?


Windows 10 does not have dramatically higher hardware needs than Windows 7. However, if you have not upgraded any specific workstations in the last two to three years, you should consider that equipment capability to support an upgraded OS. Windows 10 functions very much like Windows 8 under the hood, but there has been an emphasis on security. This could potentially create compatibility issues with 3rd party applications that your business requires. Running a pilot group to test that application functions is often the best way to identify compatibility issues before a wider roll-out.

*excluding setup fees

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